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Extentia is primarily a technology services company – we’ve worked with the largest and smallest of customers, on a wide variety of technologies, on solutions deployed across the world, with partners, friends and associates who are now a part of our extended family.Working with ExSeed, you and your team gain access to this body of experience, to this network of success and to the people and teams that made it happen.
Extentia ist in erster Linie ein Technologie-Dienstleister – wir haben mit Kunden jeder Größe in einem weiten Feld von Technologien gearbeitet, weltweit, mit Partnern, Freunden und Kollegen, die jetzt Teil unseres Netzwerks sind.In der Zusammenarbeit mit ExSeed erhalten Sie und Ihr Team Zugriff auf einen reichen Erfahrungsschatz und auf ein beachtliches Erfolgskonto, sowie zu den Menschen und Teams, die dahinter stehen.
Extentia est une entreprise de services informatiques a la base. Nous avons travaille avec les plus petites mais aussi les plus grandes entreprises comme clients. Nous avons deployes une variete immense de solutions sur la planete avec des with partenaireset des amis et associes qui fait partie de notre famille etendue.Traveiller avec ExSeed pour vous et votre equipe vous fera entrer dans cette famille, et cette experience acquise, et ce resau de succes et toutes les personnes et equipes qui les font se realiser.

Extentia’s ExSeed is all about working with startups, early stage companies and small businesses in IT and related spaces. ExSeed unifies and makes available a range of services and platforms – including technology, consulting and advisory services. Extentia brings to ExSeed over a decade of organizational expertise and over 200 man years of professional expertise in working with boot strapped operations.

ExSeed brings together everything you need for startup and small businesses – from getting off the ground, working with a technology partner, setting up an office, finding partners and investors, through to marketplace success. Extentia has worked with startups and small operations for years – by employing a host of flexible and dynamic working models, working with experts is everything it takes to be successful and creating relationships built on trust. Extentia supports a dynamic and inviting culture and encourages entrepreneurship and looks for creative ways to be your success partner.

The iNATS app is designed to assist pilots operating the North Atlantic Track System (NATS). It will help correctly and easily plan North Atlantic flights using the organized track system. Learn more High Impact EMail (HIE) for iPad is a first of its kind mobile application that allows users to create and send professionally designed newsletters, announcements, greetings, invitations, and promotions – all on-the-go. Learn more This mobile app has been developed for travelers who have their trips planned by travel agents. Travelers can now check these uploaded itineraries anywhere and anytime. Learn more

Over the years, we’ve created tools, processes and frameworks that we use consistently and successfully – that’s expertise you can count on. Over the years, we’ve helped so many operations get off the ground that we can tell you what to expect before you know it’s coming. Over the years, our team has advised over 150 companies and investors – that is the consulting expertise that you get access to. Over the years, we’ve created an international network that can help you get introduced to almost anyone, anywhere.

ExSeed is not a funding organization and does not entertain direct investment opportunities – we provide an aggregating and consolidating platform. Our experts can help you find investment, our development teams can help you manage costs even while they deliver technology, our business development teams can help you put marketing plans together, our management experts can help you with policy management, our infrastructure team can get you up and running, and our back office can help make sure you’re focused on your core competence, while they manage everything else.

Exseed in the news
  • Session at Extentia on the ‘Semantic Web’ – August 19, 2011: Ms. Anita Kulkarni-Puranik, founder of Metamagics – an Extentia/ExSeed partner addressed Extentians on the ‘Semantic Web’. Per Wikipedia, ‘The Semantic Web is a web of data that facilitates machines to understand the semantics, or meaning, of information on the World Wide Web.’ The term was coined by Tim Berners-Lee,the inventor of the World Wide Web. Ms.Kulkarni-Puranik spoke of the semantic web’s relevance to businesses online, and the benefits of publishing web content enriched with semantic markers.
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    August 10, 2011
  • Our former Connect program intern Zulfi Deo’s ‘MBA for Startups’ is available as a book on MBA for Startups helps startups and small companies understand business management, avoid failure, and become successful. It’s also available as an iPhone and iPad application on the App Store.
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    August 10, 2011