School Bullying Is A Problem. Our Mobile App Is A Solution.

Shake For Help May 06, 2014 – Up to 20% of children are bullied at school at some point, many on a regular basis. Victims are negatively affected in many ways and often need to see a psychologist or doctor. Bullying is clearly a problem that society needs to solve.

This is the reason that BrilliSoft and Extentia recently launched a mobile app for Android devices (more children own Android devices than any other type of smartphone) that can help children being bullied. The app is called Shake For Help and, as its name implies, if a child ever feels threatened, all they need to do is simply shake their phone.

The app was designed to be extremely easy to use, even for young children. It takes a couple of minutes to install and configure, and it never needs to be launched again. It runs in the background, listening for a shake. During the configuration process, the child can set the shake signature by shaking the device the way they would if they were in trouble and the app will look for this specific type of shake.

If a matching shake is detected, Shake For Help will alert the child’s emergency contacts. Emergency contacts could include parents, older siblings, teachers, or friends. The app will also transmit the child’s exact location and other important information, which will only be seen by the child’s emergency contacts.

In addition to notifying the child’s emergency contacts, there is a setting that causes the app to notify nearby Shake For Help users that someone near them might need help. People in the community can choose to respond to assist.

Shake For Help uses patent-pending technology to reach emergency contacts with very little effort. It’s much quicker and more effective than a phone call and, unlike other security apps, the child doesn’t need to find the app, launch it, wait for it to open, and tap a panic button on the screen.

The app is completely free and there is no reason for a child not to have it installed on their phone. If you have children, please visit the Google Play App Store and install Shake For Help for them. It will take a few minutes to show them how to use it if they ever feel threatened.

To Download the App:
To Download Shake For Help for Android (for Free)

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