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Mobility for Agriculture

There is perchance no area under agriculture which does not benefit from the ubiquitous influence of mobile technology. The ease with which data can be monitored, stored and shared at anytime, anywhere in the world via a smartphone or tablet has taken precision agriculture to another level altogether!

A connected farm

Having a connected farm - with a flawless sync amongst on-site workers, the office, and handheld computers — is an option that is gaining paramount importance. Mobile technology is increasingly becoming a hot favorite for anyone and everyone involved with farming. The use of such technology has enabled farmers worldwide to not only procure information on news, markets, pricing, as well as the weather, but also maximize production, and reduce dependencies.

Getting involved with mobile technology makes way for –



Simplifies the crop reporting process
by allowing producers to accumulate
and transmit planting and yield data
by electronic means



Establishes accurate and consistent field
data structure for a complete crop
production cycle

Investment Return

Investment Returns

Increases the performance of precision and innovative farming systems

Our Expertise

Our expert teams at Extentia have successfully been able to club mobility with agriculture and have helped clients achieve high productivity by providing an appropriate solution to their needs.

  • Farm <br class='break' />Mapping
  • Data capture at <br class='break' />the source
  • Offline data capture <br class='break' />and synchronize later <br class='break' />to backend <br class='break' />database server
  • Reporting & <br class='break' />forecasting <br class='break' /> from <br class='break' />captured data

Case Studies

Cluster Analysis Report for PC and Tablets

Business Problem

The client wanted to develop an easy to use cross-platform as well as a web-based application that would allow users to track and examine the variables of crop cultivation.

Solution provided by Extentia

We provided a mobile solution with offline access to farmers to view cluster reports and see the performance of varieties across clusters.
This helped users to:

  • Access to data on multiple platforms – iPad, Android tablets and PCs
  • Modify filters to produce more relevant results
  • Receive interactive reports, which update based on location


Enterprise Mobility Project – Field Data Collection

Business Problem

Field information was gathered manually in written form, causing inaccuracies in data collections and delays in information transfer. These lags in getting data from the field affected workflow and slowed decision making.

Solution provided by Extentia

Extentia created an online/offline solution. An Android-tabled based application allows field information to be captured accurately and transmitted in real-time.
The solution

  • Includes a backend and database
  • Ensured easy collection, indexing and reporting on the data collected


Farm Management System – Site Audit Application

Business Problem

In the past, whenever audits were conducted, important information was manually collected and documented on paper. In order to increase the quality of data collection, the client wanted to develop an audit application that would electronically capture and save fundamental details through different phases of crop production.

Solution provided by Extentia

As a solution, Extentia developed an iPad application, with offline support, which would allow users to organize and structure the audits they want to conduct.
This also allowed users to –

  • Plan, organize, customize and manage an entire audit
  • Eliminate rework to better plan and organize
  • Store data offline in-case there is no internet connectivity
  • Generate reports to help forecast better


Big Data and Agriculture

Presentation by Mark Luckey, Extentia’s Partner in Australia

In the presentation, Mark reviews some of the parameters and potential for Big Data in Australian agriculture, the ideologies that need embracing, the technical requirements to capture the required information.

Mark utilises a decade of offshore development experience to foreshadow where Big Data may revolutionise the way advisors and farmers review cropping information.

The potential of big data is enough to make farmers take it seriously; harnessing the power of these technologies, allowing farmers to double their output, and shift societal perceptions of the agricultural industry. 

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