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Extentia for Salesforce

As a registered Salesforce ISV Partner, Extentia has extensive experience in business solutions that require automation on the Salesforce platform.

Why Work With Us?


  • We have expertise in Salesforce for development of out-of-the-box and highly customizable applications. We implement end-to-end business processes on force.com platform to help companies run effectively. Our capabilities also extend to studying legacy systems and providing the best solutions on force.com
  • We use Salesforce to improve customer engagement and customer relations, and integrate it with other systems and domains such as finance, accounting, HR, asset management, capital management and business intelligence
  • We offer enterprise mobility to keep up and ahead of trends by building custom native or HTML5-based apps, guaranteeing complete compatibility
  • We always ensure our optimum level of performance and maximum efficiency
Expert Speak
Binu Moothedan – Salesforce Specialist

Binu Moothedan“The Extentia Salesforce team offers strategic, turn-key solutions coupled with a great customer success management team. We offer our clients a single point of contact with complete accountability.”

Our Salesforce Team

  • At our growing Salesforce Development Center of Excellence, we proactively understand, use and challenge Salesforce
  • Together with app prototyping, we carry out our projects using agile methodology with Scrum planning to reduce development cost and time to market
  • Our highly skilled release management team is experienced in multiple sandbox deployment and sandbox restoration using various tools
  • Our dedicated quality analysis team makes sure we develop Salesforce applications of the highest quality
  • To keep customers satisfied, our highly specialized Salesforce team always collaborates with the skilled custom-application developers, business process analysts, release managers, architects, Salesforce administrators and integration specialists

Market Monitoring: Trends in the Area of Cloud

Extentia Knows Salesforce

  • We overcome the limitations of Salesforce with innovative ideas, leveraging our wide knowledge of various platforms
  • To achieve business objectives, we also employ various tools such as DBAmp, Dell Boomi, Google Maps, Amazon Web Service, PeopleSoft, DocuSign, Conga Composer and SSIS
  • We are up to date with the latest offerings by and happenings in Salesforce. We make use of the Salesforce communities, Salesforce1 platform and Admin A mobile apps, chatter announcements, enhanced case feed features, Salesforce file sync and mobile push, Visualforce remote objects, Visualforce HTML5 support, API updates, flexible API limits, canvas updates and Apex updates
  • Our R&D team constantly experiments on every new feature of Salesforce to measure its utility and usability, be it a pilot, enhanced, new or beta feature


“The world of sales is changing rapidly and technology is driving these changes. Sales managers and teams everywhere are using social, mobile, big data, and cloud services to change the way they do business.”

- Salesforce.com

Other Benefits from Extentia:

Extentia has a dedicated team to build applications on the Salesforce cloud computing platform called the Salesforce1 Platform. This is a platform designed to create and implement applications for the social enterprise. You will be free to focus on building applications alone with no servers to purchase.

It facilitates the creation of social and mobile applications for a range of uses – including reporting, search, business processes – will work on a reliable and secure system that scales as needed, and has automatic backup for data.

Extentia is a Registered Salesforce ISV Partner, and our team offers a wide range of Salesforce Integration services. We provide strategy, migration, custom development, integration, and ongoing management services across the cloud adoption life cycle. No matter the requirement, Extentia’s teams can work flexibly to reinforce your existing Salesforce endeavors.

Working with Extentia Gives you Access to Extensive Salesforce.com Expertise Including:

  • Implementation of most Salesforce product offerings – Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Salesforce1 Platform and Salesforce Chatter
  • A complete team with diverse skills – regular, on-demand access to a rich consulting skill set
  • Business process analysts
  • Custom application developers
  • Change management professionals and trainers

To schedule a consultation, write to us at sf-inquiry@extentia.com or use the inquiry form above.

In the News

  • October 24, 2014
    As much as Dreamforce is about learning, networking, having fun, and giving back, it's also a feast for the eyes, a visual spectacle of tremendous proportions. Here's a small taste of what Dreamforce '14 had to offer. The Dreamforce campground was a spectacle at night.    Hackathon participants celebrate making it to the semi-final round.   A group of attendees take a break on the steps.  Marc Benioff makes his Fitbit happy while taking laps during his opening keynote.  Tony Robbins speaks with passion to a captive audience. The Platform keynote featured a winery scene.  Musician Yoshiki jams before Will.i.am's keynote. Attendees flood the entrance to a keynote.  An attendee sports Google Glass (in Salesforce blue!). Marc Benioff introduces Hillary Clinton and Klaus Schwab. The Beach Boys make a surprise appearance at Marc Benioff's opening keynote. Al Gore had the audience on the edge of their seats for his discussion on climate change. A flurry of attendees and staff inside Moscone North. Bruno Mars jams during the Dreamforce Gala.  A peak inside the Cloud Expo.   An audience member snaps a shot during Al Gore's keynote.  Alex Dayon and Parker Harris toast during Marc Benioff's keynote.  Attendees take a break from the action for some friendly competition. Hillary Clinton stuffs bags filled with educational materials for young children for the Too Small To Fail initiative. Marc Benioff and Microsoft's Tony Prophet take a selfie. An attendee checks out Tesla in the Customer Showcase. A staff member provides directions inside the Dreamforce campground.  Will.i.am introduces his new wearable product: the PULS (hint: it's a cuff, not a watch). The crowd goes wild for Bruno Mars.  Co-founders Marc Benioff and Parker Harris answer questions from the audience. Salesforce mascot SaaSy struts her stuff (complete with an entourage!) Parker Harris (a.k.a, Lightning Man) has his personalized Coca-Cola products delivered by drone in the opening keynote.   Tony Robbins got the audience jumping to their feet.  Attendees snap a selfie before the Dreamforce Gala.  Hackathon winners show off their prize money. The PayPal Mafia (Reid Hoffman, Jeremy Stoppelman, and Max Levchin) reflect on innovation. The Dreamforce campground on an overcast day. So that's a wrap on Dreamforce '14—as Marc Benioff called it, "The best Dreamforce ever." See you next year!                Photos by GPJ.
  • October 24, 2014
    The Winter ‘15 release is here- which means it’s also time to take a look at the customer Ideas being delivered! As a reminder—these Ideas come from our IdeaExchange—the place where members of our community can go to create and/or vote on the product enhancements they deem important. So if you haven’t already, check out the IdeaExhange and let us know what Ideas are important to YOU!  For Winter ‘15, we were able to touch an impressive 84 Ideas and 140,000 Idea points. In fact, taking a look back at the last 3 releases, we made progress on over 455,000 Idea points. That’s nearly a half million Idea points touched since Dreamforce ‘13! Generally Available (GA) Ideas: 66 Customer Ideas and over 73,000 Idea points went GA this release. To see a full list of fully delivered Ideas, click here. Partially Delivered Ideas: Sometimes an Idea can have one or more Ideas wrapped into it, touch multiple products or take more than one release to fully deliver. An example might be delivering a feature for mobile and then web. When we deliver part of an Idea (vs. the whole Idea), we give it a status of “Partially Delivered." In Winter ‘15, there are 10 Ideas and over 37,000 Idea points in this category, including delivering list views for S1 in the “A REAL advanced search feature- search by multiple fields” Idea (23,000 points) To see a full list of partially delivered Ideas, click here. Pilot/Beta Ideas: In total we are piloting 8 new Ideas with over 30,000 Idea points in Winter ‘15, including a closed pilot for the notes portion of the “Reporting on Notes & Attachments” Idea at over 19,000 points.  If you are interested in participating in that pilot, please contact support. To see a full list of the Pilot/Beta Ideas, click here.  As with our last release, we'd like to call special attention to the community members who contributed the Top 3 Ideas by point value in Winter '15.  Thank you for helping us make our product better. Contributor Customer Idea Points  Status  JOHN-PIERRE CORNELISSEN A REAL advanced search feature - search by multiple fields 23,550 Partially Delivered  GUEST Reporting on Notes & Attachments 19,240 Pilot/Beta  SAMUEL CHRISTIE Full Content Support for Office 2010 16,670  Delivered  The IdeaExchange is part of the Salesforce Success Community. To learn more about how Community Cloud transforms business, visit our website, or download the free e-book.  
  • October 24, 2014
    As sales leaders, we’re often approached by our reps to weigh in on deal strategy.  “What should I do? …" “...I have this customer who’s interested in our solution and I’m trying to figure out how best to position our value.” “...I’m putting together a presentation for the customer’s executive team and want to make sure it’s high impact” “…the customer came back and said they’re looking at a competitive product that’s much cheaper than ours” For me, these strategy discussions are actually one of the most fun parts of the job…but over the years, as I started to have more and more of these conversations, I found that 90% of the time the first question out of my mouth back to the rep was exactly the same: “What problem are they looking to solve?" What I soon realized was that this universal refrain was arguably the most powerful question in sales. If you want to understand why, consider these 3 scenarios: The Qualification: During the qualification process, a good sales rep assesses the fit between the customer's needs and their solution. While the rep understands that most sales cycles take time and involve a series of steps, this first phase is critical to understanding how to position the value of their solution and set the tone for the engagement—or perhaps pull out of the deal if they don’t feel there’s a fit.  To help sales reps along, we craft lists of qualification questions—tools designed to both uncover our customer's strategic and operational pains and foreshadow our ability to solve them. Unfortunately, these questions can often be too leading and solution-centric (e.g. “Do you get complaints from your employees about their pay not being calculated properly?” “Do your web traffic monitoring software provide deep analytics into location-based click through rates?"). We may indeed get answers to our questions, but we may not come away with the higher level business context behind them in the customer’s language.  Looking at the qualification process through the lens of “What problem are they looking solve?” before, during, and after the conversation changes that. It helps us reconcile pains in a customer-centric context and provides us with helpful insights to craft our deal strategy (or graciously walk away if it turns out we aren’t able to solve their problem). In fact, asking the customer this question directly can be a perfectly acceptable (and in some case, a greatly refreshing) qualification tactic. Net-net: if you don’t come away from a qualification process knowing what problem the customer is looking to solve (in their language), you've wasted your time. The Presentation: Good reps know that a big part of the sales presentation is demonstrating your knowledge of the customer’s business environment. Showing that you’ve listened and demonstrating how your solution can specifically meet the customer’s needs not only establishes value in that solution, but in yourself as a sales professional as well. That’s why the presentation stage is also a perfect time to flex the most powerful question in sales! One technique I’ve found works great for this is to include a slide (or even simply a talk track) early in your presentation entitled “What we heard” or “Your current state." Here you lay out specifically what you’ve learned about their business in the context of the problems they’re looking to solve (e.g. “We heard that you’re looking to grow your business aggressively this year, which includes adding lots of new staff. You want these new people to be productive quickly so they can start driving revenue and servicing customers, but right now you don’t have a consistent way of on-boarding new employees and setting clear goals for their first 30, 60, and 90 days.”) After you’ve delivered the content, pause, and ask the audience if your understanding of the problems they’re looking to solve jives with theirs. By doing this you’ll build massive credibility for being spot-on and/or gain new insights you can quickly incorporate into the rest of your presentation. Bonus impact: Often times, these post-qualification presentations include additional stakeholders that haven’t been as involved with you or your solution until now. By framing your pitch in the context of the business problems they’re looking to solve, you’ll promote a more frictionless sales cycle by making new participants comfortable with your approach from the outset. The Defense: Unfortunately, very few sales just fall into your lap [pause for the collective gasp of shock from the sales community]. The reality is, sometimes things get dicey; you have to play a little defense. The good news is that if you’ve used the most powerful question in sales to nail the qualification and the presentation phases, the defensive game will be much easier.  Here’s what I mean: Suppose you’ve established that you have a well-differentiated solution that's a great fit for the problem your customer is looking to solve. A new full-size SUV, for example, for your client: a family of five with three young children who told you they hated the thought of getting a minivan. Over the course of the sales cycle, you established that the family preferred your particular SUV not only because it was the most safe and stylish on the market, but it was uniquely able to fit three carseats across the back row (key for them). You were also able to structure the payments to fit within their monthly budget. Then, in the final stages, the buyer comes back referencing competitive pressures from another manufactuer, offering a similar vehicle.  In this case the most powerful question in sales can be used as an awesome defense (i.e. holding your price point and underscoring the value of your solution) by diplomatically getting the customer to refocus on the problem they were looking to solve, i.e. “It seems as though you were looking for an SUV that was rated highest in safety and could fit three car seats across the back row. I know there are other SUV’s on the market, but this is the only one that meets all of those criteria. Did something change?”.  This tactic works especially well in the face of the dreaded “do nothing” option sales people so frequently see. You’ve positioned a great solution with a compelling ROI when the customer comes back and tells you they’ve decided to hold off and do nothing. “Hey, no problem, but help me understand…you shared some key business challenges we can help you address with a compelling ROI and the key stakeholders seemed to agree. What changed?" While in some cases you’ll be successful at turning the tide in your favor, is all cases you’ll gain valuable insights that will help you better service that customer now or in the future. Whether you’re in the initial or final stages of sales cycle and whether you’re a sales rep or manager, promoting continuous focus on helping your customer solve their key problems is always a winning strategy. Just remember to ask the most powerful question early and often! To learn more about the sales process map, visit salesforce.com, or download the free e-book. 
  • October 24, 2014
    As software ‘eats the world,’ tech disruptors are no longer nipping at the heels of traditional banks; they’re in their kitchens cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Why is this happening? Information siloes and other obstacles to cross-team collaboration at traditional banks contribute to a startling 63% of leads that fall through the cracks and are never followed up on (1). By adopting new digital tools that enable companies to share data across all lines of business, banks can deliver the seamless customer experience needed to improve client satisfaction and boost revenue. The opportunity is immense. Implementing an enterprise lead and referral management system can mean an additional $1.5 billion for large banks, and $500 million for mid-size banks (2). The story portrayed in the infographic below explores how a bank can engage a prospect about whom little is known, and leverage digital tools to capture information during each stage of their customer journey to create a deep understanding of their needs. It's a customer-centric focus that engenders advocates for life. (1) 2012 Forbes Secret Shopper Study of 10,000 Companies (2) Estimated by the executive team of a large U.S. bank     Want to learn more about Salesforce? Visit our website or download the free e-book.
  • October 23, 2014
    Dreamforce is all about innovation, fun, and giving back. It is the Super Bowl of cloud computing. And it's an amazing place to learn amazing new things and meet fabulous new people. That's what we did, anyway. In order to get the most out of my Dreamforce experience, I set out with my fellow Salesforce content maven Alexa Schirtzinger to interview some of Dreamforce's best and brightest on what they learned at our annual conference.  The results...may surprise you. Missed Dreamforce '14, or eager to re-live the memories? Check out our Top 10 Highlights from Dreamforce '14 or download the free e-book below. 
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