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Extentia for Salesforce

Our expertise lies in implementing solutions and solving business problems, that require automation on the Salesforce products and platform.

Why Work With Us?

  • We are a Registered Salesforce ISV Consulting Partner
  • We have a specialist team that can build a range of comprehensive solutions
  • We offer strategy, migration, custom development, integration, and ongoing management services across the cloud adoption lifecycle
  • We’ve had a Salesforce Development Center of Excellence since 2011


Expert Speak
Binu Moothedan – Salesforce Specialist
Binu Moothedan
“The Extentia Salesforce team offers strategic, turn-key solutions coupled with a great customer success management team. We offer our clients a single point of contact with complete accountability.”

Our Salesforce Team

We have an experienced team with access to a rich consulting skill set on-demand:

  • Business process analysts
  • Custom application developers
  • Change management professionals and trainers
  • ADM 201 and DEV 401 certified team members
  • Mobility related strategic consulting and implementation

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Extentia Knows Salesforce

  • We Use Salesforce:
  • We provide Salesforce solutions to our clients and have implemented Salesforce CRM effectively internally. Our custom product is an easy to use CRM structure built to capture all steps in a sales cycle – It provides an aggregated view of sales to key executives and makes lead management more efficient.

  • We Challenge Salesforce:
  • We push Salesforce to the limit for our clients – these are enterprises in the top 2% of Salesforce users. We have overcome Salesforce limitations successfully and have completed a wide variety of projects with complex functionality such as faceted search, and custom Salesforce to Amazon S3 integration.

  • We’re Up-to-Date on Salesforce:
  • We are always on top of the newest Salesforce features which we explore proactively and incorporate in ongoing projects retroactively. To this effect, we use Salesforce communities than portals. We have also attended and participated in Dreamforce since 2012.


“The world of sales is changing rapidly and technology is driving these changes. Sales managers and teams everywhere are using social, mobile, big data, and cloud services to change the way they do business.”


Other Benefits from Extentia:

Extentia has a dedicated team to build applications on the Salesforce cloud computing platform called the Salesforce1 Platform. This is a platform designed to create and implement applications for the social enterprise. You will be free to focus on building applications alone with no servers to purchase.

It facilitates the creation of social and mobile applications for a range of uses – including reporting, search, business processes – will work on a reliable and secure system that scales as needed, and has automatic backup for data.

Extentia is a Registered Salesforce ISV Consulting Partner, and our team offers a wide range of Salesforce Integration services. We provide strategy, migration, custom development, integration, and ongoing management services across the cloud adoption life cycle. No matter the requirement, Extentia’s teams can work flexibly to reinforce your existing Salesforce endeavors.

Working with Extentia Gives you Access to Extensive Expertise Including:

  • Implementation of most Salesforce product offerings – Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Salesforce1 Platform and Salesforce Chatter
  • A complete team with diverse skills – regular, on-demand access to a rich consulting skill set
  • Business process analysts
  • Custom application developers
  • Change management professionals and trainers

To schedule a consultation, write to us at or use the inquiry form above.

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