Whow! What a fantastic job! That is exactly what we needed to excite our customers and to bring more traffic in the shop! You have done a very great job! A big 'Thank you' to everyone in the team!

— Werner Hengelage, Leitung Controlling/Organisation/EDV

Thank you for doing such an outstanding job with our corporate website – the design and layout is aesthetically impressive and the tone of the content aligns with the message we want to convey to our customers. The creativity and professionalism of your team made it easy to transform our ideas into a dynamic interactive web site and one that we’re proud of.

— Tarun Mathur, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

I wanted to acknowledge on behalf of everyone at Vazu all the hard and smart work that the Extentia team has put in and are continuing to do so. It is great to see the timelines being met without feeling the effect of time zones and the Extentia team blending with ours to act as one team. The progress made by working together with us and our prestigious partner and the 411 project (Vazu Seek) and all the other built-in projects is really phenomenal. We have still to cross the finishing line, but we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge all the efforts by everyone from the Extentia team.

— Soujanya Bhumkar, Co-Founder and COO

Entering into a contract software development relationship has always been like entering the unknown. Except for Extentia. Even when a major hurdle popped up, they stuck in there to work out the problem. Extentia has proved to be quite valuable to TasmanAve and me.

— Naresh Apte, CEO

Extentia demonstrated a keen attention to detail that ensured all our prototype requirements were hammered out quickly. This resulted in a stunning presentation using flash animation that conveyed our ideas explicitly

— Ira Seiken

I give Extentia my highest recommendation for any business seeking a cost-effective and quality-driven offshore development team. They have been an excellent offshore development partner and I would also like to thank the entire team for being so innovative in their thinking. We appreciate the dedication their team showed, and the high level of quality service provided by them.

— Tonée Picard, Vice President, Business Development