Education and Technology

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Education and Technology

Education technology refers to creating, using and managing appropriate technological tools, processes and resources for an improved education system. This is a flourishing industry with a rapid growth rate and huge potential.

Facts and figures

The E-learning market is growing across the world. The world's most rapidly growing e-Learning markets are Malaysia and Vietnam.


E-learning & Market

The 5 year annual growth rate for the Asian e-Learning market is 17.3%. In 2016, revenues are expected to reach:

  • Middle east – $560.7 million
  • Western Europe – $8.1 billion
  • Africa $512.8 million

E-learning & Teachers

  • 96% of teachers agree EdTech increases student engagement
  • One in nine teachers are implementing BYOD (Bring your own device) programs in their classroom
Investment Return

E-learning for Companies

  • Over 41.7% percent of global Fortune 500 companies now use some form of educational technology to instruct employees during formal learning hours
  • 25% of all employees leave their job because there simply aren't enough training or learning opportunities
  • Companies that offer e-Learning and on-the-job training generate about 26% more revenue per employee

Technologies we work with

.Net Framework, Microsoft SQL Server, Silverlight, – Windows 8, WinRT development, Windows Phone 7/8 development

Adobe Edge, Adobe Captivate

PHP, ILIAS, ZEND framework, jQuery, AWS for hosting

E-learning Software Solutions and Application Development

E-learning is the use of electronic media and information technology for education. It provides students with the flexibility of learning anywhere, anytime, and anyplace.

Why are Enterprises and Institutes Transitioning to E-learning?

  • Minimized material cost as there is no need for property and equipment
  • Increased productivity as learning is not bound by geography or time
  • Standardization with consistent delivery of content
  • Convenience as knowledge is accessible anytime and anywhere
  • Improved retention with interesting multimedia and graphics
  • Reduced training costs as it is a one-time investment and faculty is not paid on an ongoing basis

Extentia Value for Education

The Extentia Value in the Education Domain – Knowledge Leaders for over a Decade

  • Over twelve years of experience in developing software solutions and education products
  • Knowledge leader in Mobile Education solutions
  • Comprehensive systems implemented for K-12 school system in the United States, including an award winning tutoring solution
  • Software, tools and content for students with learning disabilities
  • Administration and back office software for management and administration of special education programs
  • Platforms for collaborative learning, for virtual classrooms, for online learning, and for online testing and evaluation
  • Platforms for academic portals/content repositories/management systems that can used by institutions, faculty, students and interested parties (parents and administrators)
  • Content management driven course management systems
  • E-learning solutions and products in various technologies – Microsoft & open source
  • An acclaimed Design Studio – a graphics design and UI group that actively supports a multi-skilled software development team for the education

Projects Delivered for Education

Web-based E-learning Solution

Business Problem

The client was a reputed US university recognized for training and certifying individuals for bilingual medical interpretation. They wanted to develop a solution, that aimed at improving communication between educators and students.

Solution provided by Extentia

We provided a web based E-learning solution equipped with the course content. It included:

  • Student Registration
  • Online Video and Audio course content



Business Problem

The client wanted to develop a solution that delivered K-12 educational content across areas of math, reading, language arts and science, as per state and national standards.

Solution provided by Extentia

Extentia delivered a mobile educational application, furnished with the necessary content as specified by the client. It included:

  • Educational content
  • Customizable instructions
  • Ability to measure knowledge level
  • Results and reports – accessible by teachers and administrators


Flash based Education Application – Brought to iOS

Business Problem

The client was a company that offered a wide array of technology-driven pre-K-12 solutions, and the product was an online instruction and practice oriented application. The original web version was developed in flash and the client needed an iOS compatible version to bring the product to the iPad and iPhone devices.

Solution provided by Extentia

Extentia worked across technologies such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Jquery to develop an iOS based application. This helped users to:

  • Access data on an iOS platform
  • Customize individual instructions
  • Create results and reports – accessible by teachers and administrators



How We Can Help

We work with the K-12 school system, special education, and university systems in the United States. For the delivery of educational instruction, we also offer E-learning platforms and frameworks.

One of these is an award winning mobile educational application that delivers K-12 educational content in the areas of math, reading, language arts and science – aligned to state and national standards. Each student's knowledge level is measured, instructions are customized, and results/reports are made available to teachers and administrators.

Extentia's IT Services for the Education Sector
Extentia's Key Differentiators as and Education Technology Provider

Extentia provides a full range of IT services for customers in the education sector:

  • Full service hosting – Extentia can provide secure, reliable hosting for education websites and portals (built using ELF or otherwise)
  • Development and integration – For customers who prefer to manage their own hosting Extentia can handle site development, deployment, and maintenance
  • Maintenance – Extentia offers comprehensive customer support and service, and can provide dedicated full-time resources and/or an AMC
  • Extentia Design Studio – With specialists in graphic design and branding, the well known Extentia Design Studio creates great-looking, bespoke designs. Customers can modify their existing branding, or choose to use an entirely new concept

Our Key Differentiators as an Education Technology Provider:

  • Strong domain knowledge in education and technical expertise, that has helped in delivering cost effective and quality driven solutions
  • Experience of developing similar systems on mobile
  • Deep knowledge of software development and maintenance
  • Long term relations with clients that include major educational organizations and systems
  • Large pool of successful projects


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