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technology Adoption Lifecycle

Extentia Startup Consulting division offers high-end technology planning and execution services for global organizations. It is made up of technology visionaries and thought leaders with experience across industry domains.

Technology Adoption
Technology Adoption Lifecycle
'As depicted in Geoffrey Moore's book - Crossing the Chasm'
'Crossing the Chasm' and Beyond - the Challenges


  • An innovative idea that's still fuzzy and can't be bound in requirement specification yet
  • New data or insights frequently emerge, changing the problem space itself
  • Traditional project management is too rigid
  • Classical Agile is too chaotic


  • Trade-off between innovation and inertia
  • Prioritization by excessively strong stakeholder advocacy
  • Too many goals, too few resources
  • Need to make predictable market announcements
  • Culturally misaligned global sourcing team
What we think
On Global Sourcing
How We Can Help

What we think

  • Without strong governance, projects do not succeed
  • Without portfolio management, the trade-off between innovation and inertia is not possible
  • Successful Agile means controlled chaos with governance
  • Chaos should be controlled with 80% predictability and 20% elasticity
  • Augment pure ranking with "must have" and "would like" to manage predictability with elasticity
  • A global sourcing partner needs to understand and internalize all of this

On Global Sourcing

  • Cultural alignment does not happen magically
  • The implementation team needs partners that shake hands
  • Technical design within sprints leads to lower productivity
  • There are better ways to communicate across time zones and distances than a "onshore-offshore daily standup"
  • Each sprint requires one week of stabilization and UAT (unless your budgets are of the size of Google or Linked-in!)
  • As a result, sprints that are less than four weeks are very difficult indeed

How We Can Help

  • Bridge the 'Knowing-Doing Gap' – big ideas unless translated into concrete actionable items, are of no use
  • Anchor the thought process on a Strategic Execution Framework
  • Fix the hindrance of cultural mismatches
  • Connect 'hand-shaking' partners – Product Manager, Project Manager, Enterprise Architect
  • Agree on portfolio buckets – New ideas, Customer demands, Hot fixes, Operations, Architecture improvements
  • Build a roadmap for every bucket
  • Plan and execute sprints


Umeed Kothavala

Umeed Kothavala

Anil Apte

Anil Apte


Dr. Marc Cremer


Dr. Markus Volpers

Umeed Kothavala is the CEO of Extentia. A technology visionary, he has guided the company toward success in the highly competitive software development and information technology solutions business. Among his specialties are mobile technologies – where he's widely regarded as an innovator and knowledge leader. Kothavala consults with several technology and investment firms on strategy, branding, private equity and IT implementation management. He holds a master's degree in computer science from Purdue University.

Anil Apte is Senior Vice President, Engineering at Extentia. He has over 25 years of experience in information technology. Apte has worked as a Lean/Agile coach, transitioning senior management teams to Agile governance models. He previously took on a variety of engineering and management roles for ITB AG, a leading German provider of healthcare software solutions. Apte is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, and has studied the strategic execution framework and its application on software products at Stanford University. His long time passion is repairing damaged IT projects.

An information technology pioneer, Dr. Cremer, brings over 24 years of experience with IT consulting, global sourcing, and processes to Extentia. He is an expert in strategic planning, and has managed technology organizations in India and in Germany. Dr. Cremer also founded GreenTokri, a successful farming venture that delivers fresh produce in India. He earned his Ph.D. from Humboldt University of Berlin.

Dr. Markus Volpers, Director at Extentia, has over 25 years of experience in the IT industry. He has moved his focus from technology and software development processes to management and strategy development. Dr Volpers is a visionary entrepreneur and a demanding leader who shares his knowledge and experience as a senior management consultant. He has a Ph.D in science from Cologne University.

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