Agriculture Mobile App Development

Agriculture is, without doubt, one of the oldest industries in human history. Today, agriculture is a recognized discipline and an exact science. In terms of technological development, the smartphone has altered how traditional vocations function and holds potential to revolutionize agricultural practices.

Apps are handy for agriculture business owners – think of weather apps and the myriad text-based communication apps that connect the field and the office. However, there is no one, all-inclusive solution because the needs of different farms and ranchers can change drastically based on geography, weather, the farm’s size and crops.

The unique needs of an agriculture-based business can be fulfilled through customized app development.

  • Aside from tracking weather, a smartphone can provide data on crop cycles and fertilization schedules.
  • Spray schedules and pesticide volumes can be logged and recorded on a tailor-made app
  • GPS yield monitors can inform the office about the position of the crop that has been harvested
  • A centralized text function can allow instant/constant conversation on a secure network between all parties
  • The same app can inform buyers of the arrival and quantity of the new crop
  • It can give statistical data to observe patterns for making strategic decisions
  • Each farm employee’s work can also be tracked and logged

Extentia has the relevant app development experience that has seen us produce apps that cracked the exclusive top 200 list on the App Store. Our in-house team has the capabilities and experience to execute Apple, Windows, and Android app development for agriculture. Due to the nuanced nature of agriculture, Extentia provides a personalized, tailor-made app development process to suit your needs, and give you your very own agriculture app.

Give your agriculture-based business a technological makeover!