Extentia CEO Umeed Kothavala in Indian Management Magazine – ‘The Impact of IoT on Businesses’

The ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT). IoT – a term that around 77% of the people in the world haven’t heard, and those who have – don’t know the true meaning or rather the power of the platform to change major aspects of everyone’s personal and professional lives. It can provide smart, efficient, low-cost, and higher automation opportunities.Read more

Extentia’s X24 Hackathon 360° View Video Is Featured On The VeeR Global Video Community

VeeR is an active and connected community of VR video enthusiasts all over the world. X24 is Extentia’s annual 24-hour internal hackathon.View video | YouTube

‘The Spectrum of Cashless Transactions’ – Extentia CEO Umeed Kothavala Is Quoted In Electronics For You

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Extentia’s SOS – Stay Safe! Is Featured Among The Top 5 Apps For Safer Travel In The Plaid Zebra

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Inc42 Magazine: Extentia’s Partner Amplifi Is Ranked Among Top Startup Accelerators In India

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Extentia CEO Umeed Kothavala Is Quoted In Sakal (Marathi) About the Union Budget 2017

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