Extentia Celebrates the Completion of 18 Years at the Annual Party Event

Pune, India, March 9, 2017 – Extentia celebrated its 18th anniversary on Friday, March 3 at the Poona Club. It was an electrically charged evening with an audience of more than 1000 people including Extentians, their families, business partners, clients, and friends of the company. The performances put up by each of the six houses, like every year, were the result of several weeks of preparation and practice. Each performance had a social message embedded into the act and was around the topics of women empowerment, eve-teasing, demonetization, nine emotions, among others. A common house act marked the finale taking the audience down the memory lane. Everyone was dressed in attire from the ‘70s era doing justice to this year’s retro theme.

Annual Party

This year there were retro styled cut outs and props arranged at the photo booth where Extentians posed to take pictures. Extentia’s social media handles were abuzz with happenings from the annual party as the event was captured live with photos, videos, fun moments, and interviews.

The Sakaar social cause for this year was ‘The Kinara Vruddha & Matimand Seva Trust’, which has been working towards providing free shelter, good hygiene, and dignified life to the old and needy of the society. As always, there was a raffle counter where Extentians and their guests contributed generously towards the cause. To end the night on a high note, the Extentia Premier League (XPL) awards were presented to the winning houses for competitions that took place over the past year, which included sports, art, quiz, singing, and stage performances at the annual party.
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