Extentia Hosts Viewing Session of the Google Cloud Next ’17

Pune, India, March 15, 2017 – Extentia, in partnership with the Pune Google Developer Community, hosted an extended viewing of the Google Cloud Next ’17 session on Saturday, March 11 for 30 Google enthusiasts. Google Cloud Next is a 3-day conference that was held in San Francisco March 8-10 where attendees explored the latest cloud-enabled tech products, met Google Cloud’s partners, attended talks by visionaries in the field, and build skills with codelabs. The event was basically about all things cloud.

Google Cloud Next

The viewing session at Extentia highlighted keynotes of the elaborate event – the software development cycle, production environments with debugging insights, and security solutions across platforms. It was an extremely informative session and the audience was eager to know more on how the Cloud would aid the growth of businesses in the future.