Team Resource Augmentation

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Why Work with Extentia

Working with Extentia gives you access to individuals with:

  • Proven accomplishments
  • Considerable industry experience
  • Adept in developing and supporting information systems on a wide range of platforms

To stay competitive, Extentia provides a strategic mix of full time development resources and contracted consultants to apply new technology effectively and maximize the use of existing systems. At Extentia, we follow a systematic approach to managing variable employee workloads for special projects, software conversion and systems integration. This strategic staffing offers you a cost-effective way to bring together the specialized experience you need for projects of all sizes.

Recruitment Process

Extentia has stringent recruiting procedures to ensure that only the best talent is absorbed. Technical evaluation is conducted by experienced in-house staffing specialists.

All candidates are screened carefully with technical tests to ensure:

  • Working proficiency
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Technical know-how

We study your development needs closely and ensure that the right candidates with the precise knowledge and skills are placed for the job. The development and management teams at Extentia have access to the latest software and technologies, technical references, and code and defect management systems. Regular training sessions and seminars allow engineers to update their software skills and more effectively deal with the rapidly evolving software environment we work in.

Our Professionals Include

  • Program Managers
  • Technical Consultants
  • Projects Leaders
  • Software Engineers
    • Systems Programmers
    • Object Oriented Development Engineers
    • Web Developers
  • Enterprise Database Architects
  • Technical Writers
  • Technical/Help Desk Support
  • Graphics Artists and Visualizers
  • Interface designers and human engineering specialists
  • QA Managers and Engineers


Questions or comments? Please contact us via the form below. You may also write to us at
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