Content Creation and Migration

In a digital environment that’s shedding technology of the past and moving to newer more versatile and interactive platforms, websites need to be developed to keep pace. We, at Extentia, offer our clients the opportunity to do just that with our content creation and content migration services. Careful and diligent content conversion is important for any customer with a data migration requirement. We have a designated team of content developers and designers who work to deliver quality content projects on time. This team has years of experience in this particular facet of the IT industry and are inventive, adaptive and savvy enough to provide high-quality content creation and migration services.


Content Migration

Smartphone and tablet devices are changing the way information is dispensed across the internet. Gone are the days when personal computers were the only source for web-based information consumption. The technology used for website development, Flash, is not compatible with most smartphones. This results in websites that are not mobile-friendly and discourages potential visitors. Extentia can remedy this by migrating legacy content to digital content that is compatible with mobile devices. Our services include:

  • Migration of paper based content in all formats – Word, PDF, Text files – to HTML5/ interactive content. Worksheets and other paper based study material are converted to mobile compatible, HTML5 based content.
  • Migration from Flash to HTML5 – Flash based content and tutorials are converted to mobile device compatible, interactive content. This content will continue to remain compatible with PC-based web browsers as well.
  • Migration of PC-centric content to ‘mobile and web compatible’ content – Extentia can convert web based tutorials, or learning material to mobile compatible content using HTML5, jQuery and related technology and tools.

Content Creation

Extentia has a dedicated team of designers and content developers to create MS office templates for Word, Powerpoint, and Excel. These templates are integrated with our acclaimed OfficeReady software. Users can customize and use these flexible templates based on their requirements.

The Extentia Design Studio has designed and developed multiple blog templates for WordPress, Posterous, and others. Using these templates, even novice publishers can easily create professional looking blogs.

Extentia offers:

  • Over 3000 newsletter templates for different categories such as sales, personal greetings, real estate and more
  • Multiple high quality professional looking templates for Facebook pages
  • Templates and themes for digital worksheets

Extentia has developed application frameworks for mobile applications. Our team creates themes and content, to repurpose the framework for varied concepts and scenarios.

Advantages of Content Migration

Migrating paper based content to digital has several benefits:

  • Wider reach with the content’s compatibility with mobile devices (iOS, Android and others), and the web.
  • Improved user interface with far more interactivity (comments and user feedback), the ability to share content, and integrate it with social media as well.
  • Animation effects are possible even without the use of Flash, which is not supported on most mobile devices.
  • Mobile compatible digital content makes device specific interactions – touch, swipe, pinch, among others – possible, and enhances the user experience.

Why Extentia for Content Creation and Migration?

  • With a dedicated expert team, Extentia has successfully delivered countless content projects to complete customer satisfaction already.
  • With available ready frameworks and templates, our processes allow for shorter timelines, swifter execution and efficient output.

All this means you get exactly what you need as soon as possible and complete support from a dedicated and experienced team.