Open Source Software Programming

Open source software (OSS) is the fastest growing field in the IT sector. Starting with the concept of collectively creating software over the internet, today OSS has been adopted by more than 50% of all enterprises. The reason for this trend lies in the technology’s advantages:


OSS is more secure, as it has fewer defects compared to proprietary software. It is continually progressing in real time due to modification by multiple developers, leading to better versions of the software each time it is modified.


OSS can be tailored to our customers’ individual needs — software features can be built to precisely match client needs, and possible business changes in the future can also be provided for.


Though the development time remains roughly the same, the deployment costs of OSS are much lower based on the fact that the license need not be purchased for OSS projects.

OSS Facts and Figures:

  • There has been a 140% increase in purchase of open source software over the past four years
  • Open source software collectively saves businesses $60 billion a year
  • According to a recent survey by BlackDuck, 78% companies run part or all of its operations on OSS
  • 66% take an open source-first approach to software
  • Over the next 2-3 years, 88% of companies are expected to increase contributions to open source projects
  • 55% believe open source delivers superior security compared to proprietary solutions
  • Major companies around the globe are now using open source technology including Facebook and Google

Where to Use Open Source Software?

OSS provides a reliable and cost-effective alternative to proprietary software. Its wide field of application includes:

  • Operating systems
  • Cloud/Visualization
  • Content management
  • Mobile
  • Security
  • Development tools
  • Network management
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Open Source Software Programming by Extentia

Extentia has a wide scale of expertise with open source technologies. Focusing on technologies like LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), Java, and Perl, our experienced developers can provide custom-made and cost-efficient solutions for your business’ individual needs.

Projects Delivered

  • A website content management system (CMS) for a government agency that allows effortless updates and changes. Extentia also redesigned and equipped the website with new functionalities and features.
  • A web app that provides video-based training for real estate agents. The platform comes with a user management module, advanced video playback and note-taking functions, payment gateway integration, a forum, and back-end tools for administrators.
  • An eCommerce portal for a company that supplies aids for arthritis patients. The portal enables administrators to manage contents, communicate with users, conduct reports, and work with suppliers to deliver products quickly and conveniently.
  • A mobile app that lets users view coupons for participating restaurants, retailers, and service providers in the U.S., as well as their store details and driving directions.
  • An online portal to combine the resources of a film commission site with those of an industry job board. It creates a unique networking experience for professionals in the film industry, with personal profiles, geo-tagged job opportunities, production resources, guides to foreign productions, and industry updates.

With the experience gained from these successful OSS ventures and our team’s experience, Extentia is the way to go for all your open source software requirements, so get in touch and get the ball rolling on all your open source needs.