Desktop application development

A significant number of projects at Extentia have been implemented on the Visual Basic/VC++ platform. Extentia’s team is fluent in the latest software development and software programming tools and technology – C#, Visual C++, VB, MFC, WIN API, Java, Objective C, WinForm, Adobe AIR and Windows Multimedia SDK. We also provide next-generation business services like Rich Desktop Applications (RDAs) and Rich Internet Desktop Applications (RIDAs).

Interface programming

Extentia has strong knowledge and experience of data architecture and building interfaces between heterogeneous applications and systems – from building a HUB based application using a messaging infrastructure, converting data in a globally defined set of XML standards, to bulk transformation of flat files to databases and in-process validation. The technologies used include XML, XSD, XSL, JMS, SQL, Java, and TCP/IP Socket programming.


Extentia’s technical team makes ideal use of business intelligence and is proficient in data architecture, data modeling, designing and developing huge data warehouses to OLAP cubicles, re-engineering, cleansing and optimization.We also provide database security and migration services. The platforms we support are Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL (MAXDB), SQLBase and also smaller DBMSs like dBase and MS Access.

Reporting Tools

Extentia has significant experience in developing reporting concepts, from developing a reporting engine using a jBoss and cocoon framework, where online or bulk reports can be generated in formats like PDF, HTML, Excel, and RTF to the implementation and development of Actuate, Open Source BIRT or Crystal Reports-based reporting.


Our security experts have a through understanding of security. The services we offer include developing security concepts for small to large enterprises, executing a detailed penetration test, system auditing, designing the security architecture, installing detection tools, configuring firewalls and antivirus installations.

Embedded software

Extentia’s project experience includes working on embedded systems like the AlphaSmart and the Palm-based Dana device. We have significant development expertise on Palm and Windows Mobile (Windows CE/Pocket PC).

We are familiar with RTOS, handheld development, mobile computing and wireless technologies. Extentia’s experience has thus far been limited to software on Embedded Systems, though our expertise extends to writing device drivers (such as audio devices and printers).