Training and Development – Spotlight Sessions

Spotlight is a platform for Extentians to present knowledge and skills gained by them over the years. The objective here is to drive information sharing and experimentation.

Recent sessions have included:

Introduction to SAP Cloud Platform

  • What this was about: Overview of SAP in-memory cloud platform
  • Usage: To build and deploy business applications with rapid innovation cycle
  • How to: Utilize it for real-time transactional applications in the cloud or on-premise
  • Technology: SAP Cloud Platform (HANA)

Additionally: Focus on important services like IoT, gamification, and Identity Service.

Security in Web API

Web Scraping
  • What this was about: Developing a secure API using Web API 2.0
  • Usage: To build RESTful and secure API for all platforms
  • How to: Use Web API for efficient, fast development, and high performance services that reach a broad range of clients, including browsers and mobile devices.
  • Technology: Web and mobile platforms

Additionally: Demo to create a new project and deploy it.

Travel Domain

Travel Domain
  • What this was about: An overview of the travel domain
  • Usage: Useful for Extentia’s current and future travel project implementation
  • How to: Utilize workflow charts to understand the travel domain better using various components and terminologies
  • Technology: Web and mobile platforms

Additionally: In-depth look at the travel workflow process consisting of suppliers, direct contacts, connectors, and booking engine.

Web Scraping

Web Scraping
  • What this was about: Web data extraction technique
  • Usage: To extract large amount of data available on websites for analysis, data mashup, online change detection, and other functions, especially when API is not available
  • How to: Use web scraping solutions like,, and many others
  • Technology: Web and analytics

Additionally: Demo to extract data from multiple websites using in e-commerce, research, real estate, travel, recruitment, retail industries for analytical purpose.

WalkMe Tool for Salesforce

WalkMe Tool
  • What this was about: User engagement platform for Salesforce
  • Usage: Onboarding and Training in Salesforce using WalkMe Apps
  • How to: Use for better customer support, new user interface (UI)/enhancement trainings
  • Technology: Salesforce Cloud Computing

Additionally: Demo of WalkMe Apps and using Analytics to measure the success of customer adoption.

Chatbot Development

  • What this was about: Natural language processing (NLP), slot filling, sentiment analysis and query refinement
  • Usage: Efficient and fast ordering, online bookings, information exchange to drive business for industries like travel, fashion, food and many others
  • How to: Integrate chatbots in messengers, coding
  • Technology: GupShup coding platform

Additionally: Demos with coding, sample questions, and possible applications.

Engineer the Experience

200x300_alexa spotlight
  • What this was about: Extentia’s Design Studio capabilities and cross-organizational collaboration
  • Usage: Create better user experience (UX) for the end user by close collaboration
  • How to: Bring development and design closer
  • Technology: Design

Additionally: Focus on how the end user benefits from a close design and development collaboration throughout all project phases.

Salesforce Lightning Experience

200x300_alexa spotlight
  • What this was about: Complete restructuring and reimaging of Salesforce system’s framework
  • Usage: Organize data, increase sales productivity, and close deals faster
  • How to: Enable the Lightning Experience feature in Salesforce, customize home page, set up Opportunity Workspace, app builder, and use Lightning Design System (LDS) to design custom components consistent with the UI
  • Technology: Salesforce, Aura framework, LDS

Additionally: A video was shown during the demo which gave the audience a glimpse of Salesforce Lightning Experience.

Introduction to Salesforce

200x300_alexa spotlight
  • What this was about: Cloud computing, CRM, history, evolution, and benefits of Salesforce
  • Usage: Gather information and automate sales process, increase workflow efficiency
  • How to: Optimize Map Plotter, utilize Extentia’s expertise in Salesforce
  • Technology: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud, Wave Analytics, App Cloud

Additionally: Focused on Salesforce’s Product Development Partnerships (PDP).

Internet Marketing

200x300_alexa spotlight
  • What this was about: Design, development, search engine marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, online advertising, and public relations
  • How to: Use research, strategy, content, and branding
  • Usage: Create greater visibility, demand, and repute
  • Technology: Social media, search engines

Additionally: Internet marketing is the result of a team effort between marketing personnel and domain experts.


200x300_alexa spotlight
  • What this was about: Content Management System, OrchestraCMS, and Salesforce customizations
  • How to: Leverage Salesforce standard to enable custom functionality along with CMS
  • Usage: Creation, management, and delivery of dynamic content on the company website. Website content, data integrated (bi-directional) to Salesforce
  • Technology: Salesforce, OrchestraCMS

Additionally: CMS is meant for non-technical people to help manage website quickly and easily but the session was well attended by both technical and non-technical people.

Salesforce AppExchange

200x300_alexa spotlight
  • What this was about: Business app store for Salesforce apps, components, consulting partners, and developers. Extentia’s apps on AppExchange – Map Plotter, Map Plotter Premium, Business Email Templates for Salesforce
  • How to: Installation and procedure with information on Salesforce1 for mobiles
  • Usage: Dedicated apps for business departments on Salesforce AppExchange: HR, IT, Finance, etc. Success Community and content library prove global reach
  • Technology: Salesforce Cloud Computing technology

Additionally: Salesforce AppExchange, a B2B medium, founded on trust and security, has a lengthy but necessary security review for every app it hosts.

Application Design Pattern

200x300_alexa spotlight
  • What this was about: Declarative and programmatic customization options from Salesforce, their high-level features with pros and cons, and a brief introduction to the Salesforce AppExchange
  • How to: Using the declarative customization option, set up a web-to-case form to allow customers to report product-related issues
  • Usage: CRM, automate business processes, build AppExchange apps, and communities for internal and external users
  • Technology: Salesforce

Additionally: Salesforce is significantly more rapid at app development than other platforms, lower time-to-market, allows for minimal coding options — Thinking the Salesforce Way.

The Marketing Cloud

The Marketing Cloud has various components that help organizations engage with clients and offer a 1-1 client association across email, mobile, social platforms, ads, and the web. Formerly known as ExactTarget, the Marketing Cloud is based on .NET and integrates with Salesforce.

200x300_alexa spotlight
  • What this was about: Extentia’s client ventures, client use cases to comprehend email studio and web studio
  • How to: Deliver relevant, customized ventures across channels and devices — empowering advertisers to convey the right message, at the ideal time, throughout the relationship


  • Plan, customize, and improve client cooperation over the client life cycle – utilizing the Journey Builder
  • Listen, publish, and engage in building meaningful relationships across social channels – using the Social Studio
  • Use analytics progressively to reveal examples and bits of knowledge about one’s clients to streamline their image trip, and take action — at the time when it makes a difference – utilizing the Analytics Builder

Sales Cloud and Service Cloud

Sales Force Automation is a technique of using software to automate the business tasks of sales, which helps to speed and to streamline all phases of sales from lead management to analytics and forecasting.

200x300_alexa spotlight
  • What this was about: Salesforce CRM introduction, sales process, sales stages, forecasting
  • How to: Generate, qualify and convert leads, activate big deal alerts and opportunity splitting
  • Usage: Manage contacts, accounts, contracts, documents, events, incentives, opportunities

Learnings: SFA can cater to over 100,000 customers and 2 million subscribers worldwide, can manage people and processes more effectively, pursue more business in less time, and close more deals.

Alexa on Amazon Echo

200x300_alexa spotlight
  • What this was about: Echo, Tap, Dot, Alexa, skills, custom skills, Wake Word, invocation name
  • How to: Setup Echo, build, and publish a new skill (actual coding), use certified skills
  • Usage: General use, sample questions, possible applications
  • Technology: Architecture, the hardware of Echo, cloud integration, and more

Additionally: Demos with sample questions, and possible applications.