Windows 10

Windows 10 is said to signify the ‘first step of a whole new generation of Windows’, based on one platform. It displays a new deck of features for users and represents their requirements. Windows 10 runs across a wide range of devices, including the Internet of Things, tablets, smartphones, and so on.


  • Simple navigation between several desktop configurations
  • Mission Control – enables multitasking and increased efficiency by letting users zoom out of all currently active windows
  • ‘Continuum’ – the tentatively named new feature – is used for an automatic detection of the utilized interface
  • Collective search in the start menu – these searches explore the computer for programs and files, as well as, the internet for results. The start menu is a mixture of both Windows 7’ familiar program list and Windows 8’ advanced interface – with access to the user’s life tiles
  • Split Screen Multitasking – users can dock windows to the four corners of their screen
  • Due to its increased intuitiveness, Windows 10 demonstrates outstanding usability
  • The One-Application-Platform supersedes app development from multiple different platforms
  • An improved ‘Task View’ button allows users to have a bird’s eye view of all open windows
  • Convenient shortcuts (for example, clipboard compatibility is now available in the command prompt)
  • More consumer features are expected to be added

Windows 10 Development

Extentia’s development teams have already implemented a range of early Windows 10 projects for major corporate clients. Windows 10 leaves no stone unturned in its attempt to capture the personal computing market. For instance, the platform promises to make things easier for developers. Many APIs for Windows phone and desktop have been converged to create Universal Windows apps, unique to the Windows 10 SDK. Extentia helps you transition and take full advantage of the Universal Windows Platform (UWP).