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Windows Surface RT vs Surface Pro

The two Surface tablets look similar, but in fact are completely different devices, meant for different audiences. Both seem to be the perfect replacement to tablets and laptops. The fact is – the Surface RT is a tablet that has a few bits of a PC, and the Surface Pro is a PC with the advantages of a tablet.

Here’s why.

The Surface RT was meant to solve the problems users faced when using tablets – the lack of a keyboard and the difficulty of holding the tablet for long periods of time. Tablets like the iPad could be used for more than media consumption but have ergonomic limitations that prevent this. The RT solves these problems by stretching the capabilities of the modern tablet, giving it the ability to be a makeshift laptop whenever needed. The RT, like most other tablets today, relies on an app store for all its application requirements and cannot run normal PC applications.

“We think it’s worth considering if you don’t already have a tablet, if you don’t mind that it can’t run regular laptop and desktop apps, and if you want something with a semi-familiar interface rather than joining the iOS or Android camps.” – PCWorld

Microsoft Surface RT review – PC Advisor

The Surface Pro is much closer to a laptop. With powerful hardware and the full blown Windows 8 experience, the Surface Pro with the Type keyboard attached is a fully functional laptop – the main difference being it can be a tablet whenever needed. It can also run every application ever created for Windows, offering limitless capabilities and will be the first tablet ever to hold the full power of a PC in a mobile device. Sound historic? It is.

The difference is subtle but makes all the difference to the consumer. The Surface RT is vastly cheaper and meets the needs of most users who only need a device for media consumption, and occasional use of Microsoft Office. The Pro costs more, but offers an unparalleled and uninhibited mobile computing experience.

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