About Usability Labs

Usability Labs delivers accurate, actionable, data and insight gathered directly from end-users to product managers and designers. We're energized by what we do–making software products more compelling, making lives easier, and more fun.

We use traditional methodologies combined with the latest brain mapping techniques using neuroscience. Usability Labs is powered by technology, software, processes, tools and people that care about making your software products the best that they can possibly be!

Why Usability?

Usability uncovers inconsistencies or stumbling blocks in the user's interaction with a product or system

Benefits To You

Simpler products/Fewer product iterations & revisions

Fewer customer service calls/Decreased support costs

Increased traffic/More sales/Increased appeal

Reduced risk of abandoning the product

More customer loyalty

Benefits To Your User

Increased ease of use

Improved productivity

Higher customer satisfaction

Higher customer retention

Increased trust in the product and company


We can support you with User Centered Design services throughout the project lifecycle

Our UX process

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