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Adobe Experience Manager Lead

Pune, India

Desired Candidate Profile:

  • Over 6 years of experience as an AEM developer, with a strong portfolio demonstrating senior-level contributions to AEM projects.

  • Proficiency in Java/J2EE development, AEM Core Components, and AEM architecture.

  • Deep knowledge of AEM Sites, AEM Assets, and AEM Forms (formerly Adobe LiveCycle).

  • Expertise in front-end technologies, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

  • Proven experience with RESTful API integration and enterprise-level AEM deployments.

  • Strong leadership and mentoring skills with a focus on coaching and developing junior team members.

  • Exceptional problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and a track record of delivering complex AEM projects successfully.

  • Excellent communication and collaboration abilities.

  • Experience in providing technical leadership and expertise in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) development, guiding the team in creating, optimizing, and maintaining AEM-based solutions. Design, develop, test, and maintain web applications and digital experiences using Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).

  • Lead the architectural design and implementation of complex AEM projects, ensuring scalability, performance, and adherence to best practices. Created and customized AEM components, templates, and workflows to meet project requirements. Integrated AEM with third-party systems and services using RESTful APIs

  • Overseen the creation and customization of AEM components, templates, and workflows. Integrated AEM with third-party systems and services using RESTful APIs.

  • Developed and executed content management strategies within AEM, optimizing content authoring, approval workflows, and publishing processes. Managed and optimized content within AEM, ensuring a seamless and efficient content authoring and publishing process.

  • Ability to identify and resolve performance bottlenecks, conduct load testing, and implement optimizations to deliver high-performance AEM applications.

  • Lead personalization initiatives, A/B testing, and analytics integrations to drive user engagement and achieve project objectives. Implement personalization strategies, A/B testing, and analytics integrations to enhance user experiences and achieve project goals.

  • Ability to mentor and coach junior developers, fostering a culture of excellence and knowledge sharing within the AEM development team. Collaborate closely with cross-functional teams including designers, content authors, and QA testers, to deliver outstanding AEM projects on time and within scope.

  • Knowledge to establish and maintain coding standards, documentation guidelines, design specifications, code documentation, deployment procedures, and best practices for AEM development within the organization.

  • Ability to stay abreast of the latest AEM developments, industry trends, and emerging technologies to drive innovation and excellence in AEM projects.

Good to Have:

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field.

  • Proficiency in version control systems (e.g., Git) is a plus.

  • Relevant Adobe certifications, such as Adobe Certified Expert for AEM, are preferred.

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