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Android App Development

Greater flexibility, hassle-free application porting, and increased control over system resources. 

Extentia’s development teams have extensive experience with Java programming along with in-depth knowledge of the Android SDK and framework APIs. This makes us an expert Android app development company. Our extremely talented in-house Android UI/UX designers and developers have designed apps for multiple platforms for product evaluation, testing, and optimization.

Our teams address the rapidly changing business and technology landscape by creating Android applications tailored to cater to strategic business objectives. These combinations of skills bring Android app ideas to execution through both enterprise and non-enterprise application development.

Product Offerings

  • Confidentially brainstorm your product concept

  • Artfully designing a product mockup

  • Helping you decide on whether to create a hybrid app

  • Complete Java coding of app along with launch services

  • Publishing and maintaining apps

Connect with Extentia today

We design Android applications as per your requirements. Connect with us to create your user-centric business app.

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