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Extentia Celebrates its 19th Anniversary With an Annual Party Event

Friends, family, clients, and Extentians come together for an evening of music, performances, and awards

Pune, India, March 12, 2018

On Friday, March 9, Extentia’s flagship event – the Annual Party – was held at the Poona Club. Over a thousand people – Extentians, clients, family, and friends – came together to celebrate Extentia’s 19th anniversary. Like every year, each of the company's six houses put up performances after weeks of meticulous practice and rehearsals.      

The performances on-stage were about empathy for the elderly, discretion in the use of social media platforms, the importance of organ donation, and problems plaguing society in modern India. At the end, there was an all houses act that depicted some of the most iconic songs featuring ‘Bollywood’ villains. In between, an award segment recognized Extentians who were key contributors over the past year, as well as Extentia’s administrative staff.

Extentia's CEO, Umeed Kothavala talked about achievements in the past year, Extentia’s plans for the future, and the opening of the company’s new Bengaluru office. His announcements drew enthusiastic applause from Extentians, their families, customers and partners present.

In line with this year’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ party theme, Extentians turned out in the attire of various heroes and villains. The photo booth particularly attracted a lot of attention, with its many attractive cutouts and props. Through the evening, all of Extentia’s social media handles were buzzing with live photos, videos, and interviews that captured the event as it unfolded.

Extentia’s social outreach program – Sakaar – this year supported Navkshitij, a home for the mentally challenged. Navkshitij provides shelter, organizes events in an attempt to give independence to these special individuals. Like every year, a raffle was held where Extentians and guests contributed generously.

The highly anticipated Extentia Premier League (XPL) awards capped off the evening. These were presented to the winning houses for competitions that took place over the past year, which included sports, art, quiz, singing, and on-stage performances at the annual party. The XPL trophy was presented to the overall champion house – Constant Variable.

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