Ever Heard of a Black Swan Lake?

The pool of Big Data is an ever expanding body of pure and pristine information. It covers many surfaces and fields of study, faithfully reflecting the nature of the landscape around. Many data analysts can be seen walking around the lake’s shore trying to decipher patterns, trends, and behaviors in the data. One such lake of information was that of the American elections. Most analysts had concluded that, albeit by a slim margin, it would be Hillary Clinton who would sweep the polls and convince the populous that ‘Hillary for America’ was the brightest path to the future. Her campaign was impressively fueled by the waters of the Data Lake. Her digital strategy was strong and data analytics

How to Leverage the Power of Technology to Increase Sales Productivity

Sales productivity is one of the key concerns for businesses today, and why not? Closing deals is after all that keeps the business running. To delve deeper into the topic, let’s first understand the concept of sales productivity. What is Sales Productivity? It simply refers to the amount of money that a business makes from the efforts of its sales people. Greater sales volume and an effective time management are the indicators of high sales productivity. Challenges Faced by Sales Representatives Sales is a profession that calls for a great deal of organization and discipline in order to achieve the targets in time. Juggling a lot of information at a time, that includes customer data, dates,

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