Friction-Free Digital Experiences

Be it Singapore’s famed high-rise condominiums that feature communal recreational facilities, or big telecom corporations monitoring and tracking employee health – each of them is investing in digital platforms to keep their customers and employees happy. Extentia is proud to have played a pivotal role in these initiatives. Whether for the residential or institutional user, it is an age of diminishing attention spans. Competing stimuli on the world’s smallest yet most valuable piece of real estate – the mobile screen – makes a friction-free experience essential for any digital experience. So, every business, be it a service or product-based organization, is now investing in improving their c

Salesforce AppExchange and Payments

As AppExchange developers, have any of you found an easy way to manage payments and subscriptions for your apps? We ourselves have found that managing subscriptions, and different payment cycles for different customers isn’t as straightforward as we hoped it would be. After having spent time and effort developing an app, we’re very keen, like everyone, to be able to offer it to customers and start earning and tracking revenue. But handling the payments and renewals can get a tad taxing – tracking the payments, sending emails for renewals, updating the LMA after each successful payment, and so on – there are so many little things to take care of. Unfortunately, unlike Google and Apple, AppExc

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