Ten Things We Did NOT Do at Dreamforce 2018

1. Did not lose our way... …in the Dreamforest. As Dreamforce veterans (it’s our 7th year in a row), we’ve learned to navigate the madness and get the most of our DF experience. The Agenda Builder helped us plan our week before we even got there – and we chose smartly from the tech tracks like those on Salesforce DX, Einstein Analytics and MuleSoft Integration as well as from the partner-centric sessions around Customer Success, and Customer 360. Plus, the location maps printed behind our badges were super-helpful. 2. Did not get a seat at the keynote… …but caught every word as we tuned in to the live stream at the Partner Lodge. With all the revolutionary technology and partnerships being a

Migration Made Easy

Our story begins ten years ago with Curating Memories, a leading portal for budget travelers in London and other major UK cities. Beginning in 2001, they’ve provided exceptional travel experiences for millions of satisfied customers. A natural consequence of this has been organic growth through recommendations. As their customers grew, so did their operations and they moved from server to server over the years. Curating Memories’ latest migration worked well for a while. However, Reggie, the CEO soon realized that their current managed cloud-hosting platform would no longer suffice. They required a more reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing service, with the flexibility to pay

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