Enterprise mobility management has grown by leaps and bounds in recent times, and the increased popularity is a direct consequence of the penetration and reach of smartphones, which has had a massive impact. With companies across the world employing Bring Your Own Device or BYOD systems to make the most of their workforce’s smartphones and to harne...

Six months ago:

“So what are you doing these days?”

“I am pursuing my Masters in Literature.”

“So you want to be a teacher?”

“Umm. No.”

Enid Blyton’s St. Clair’s made me yearn for the midnight feasts and quirky French teachers of English boarding schools while Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe led me down a path of unknown solitude and voracious adventure. To par...

Pokémon GO has gone mega viral since the interactive Augmented Reality game’s launch, breaking records and topping the mobile apps charts. Its fame isn’t restricted to app charts though because this game has become more popular than social media apps and websites. In a top tech market like the US, Pokémon GO is massive, as TechCrunch reports,...

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