In this post, I will explore a rather elusive idea of ‘productivity’ in software development – productivity of individuals and of software development teams, with the latter being more relevant. Why? Simply because teams deliver software – teams with people who have a diverse set of skills, varied backgrounds, as well as different individual streng...

November 20, 2019

Day 0 – November 18, 2019

DF ’19, here we come!

Dreamforce ‘19 is almost upon us and our one of a kind Salesforce super-team of Naazneen Boocha, Komal Khilnani, and Jim Kinlan are making their final preparations for what is certain to be four days of enthralling insights, experiences, and adventures centered on the innovative excellence of the Salesf...

CRM remains the and fastest-growing enterprise software category today according to the latest market sizing. Moreover, Salesforce has the largest share of this market dwarfing its closest competitor by a factor of 3.

Months ago we started a sprint that had one finish line – Dreamforce ’19. A conference synonymous with conversations, concerts, and the cloud, Dreamforce needs little introduction. With multiple PDO projects in the pipeline and 3 months to go, our aim was to get our ISV partners listed on the AppExchange well in time for Dreamforce.

Until recently, web standards only offered a limited foundation for the full stack that developers need to build large scale web applications. They had a few shortcomings - rendering wasn’t optimized, creation of custom elements was difficult, and core language lacked modern constructs to write large, modular enterprise-class client-side apps.

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