Augmented Reality (AR) is the imposing of digitally generated images into a viewers real-world surroundings. Unlike Virtual Reality, which creates a completely artificial environment, AR uses the existing environment and overlays it with new information. Augmented reality apps are usually written using special 3D programs which allow developers to...

In the world of mobile applications, we are always looking for the next frontier of better user experience, performance, and a range of other benefits. We get a lot of questions about native vs hybrid apps for smartphones and tablets.

Our mobile application team is proficient in native apps as well as hybrid as well as mobile web applications. Here...

As a forward-thinking IT provider, we feel it is important to keep our customers informed about key decisions that they will likely face in their digital lifecycle. One of these decisions concerns how to best address the needs of your customers while they are altering their computing lifestyles – from desktop to mobile.

Many organizations will make...

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