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Breakfast Talk

A talk with an industry expert over breakfast on varied topics ranging from art, literature, health, in short anything other than work. 

Extentia Breakfast Talk: The Digital Self – Living with Identity Negotiations

Extentia recently conducted an online breakfast talk session with Dhammaratna Jawale, a media researcher and academician. A visiting faculty for various media, communications, and journalism institutes, he is currently working on his doctoral thesis.

Extentia Breakfast Talk: Are You Fit?

Manikandan Seenichamy, a passionate marathon runner and a great motivator conducted Extentia's recent breakfast talk on October 10. Having completed five Abbott World Marathon Majors, he will soon become a 'Six Star Finisher' after completing his sixth marathon next year. He took the audience through his fitness journey which surprisingly started when he got diagnosed with diabetes.

Extentia Breakfast Talk: 'What Cricket Has Taught Me'

In a recent breakfast talk session - December 13 - Extentia hosted Sunandan Lele, a renowned freelance sports journalist who spoke about the lessons he has learnt from cricket. With more than thirty years of experience in reporting domestic as well as international cricket, he has covered six world cups in addition to several other leading international cricket tournaments.

Extentia Breakfast Talk: Wonders of Nature

Extentia invited Nandan Kalbag, a renowned horticulturist and nature enthusiast for a breakfast talk session on August 27. Without formal qualification in horticulture, but all due to his intense love for plants and a keen sense of observation � Nandan works as a horticultural consultant to several nurseries, farms, and gardens.

Extentia Breakfast Talk: Indoor Gardening

Extentia hosted Nandan Kalbag for another breakfast talk on November 13, this time about indoor gardening. This was in continuation of his first session about wonders of nature which was liked by one and all at Extentia. A nature enthusiast and a renowned horticulturist, Nandan ventured into indoor gardening to explore nature at his doorstep.

Extentia Breakfast Talk: Discovering Planet Nine

Surhud More, Associate Professor, IUCCA spoke at Extentia's latest breakfast talk on June 25. The session revolved around the solar system, explanation of its census, and the modern methods of discovery of a planet.

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