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A solution to engaging and collaborating with your community!



A highly personalized and customizable platform that allows organizations and communities to collaborate and succeed together. Built considering the best community building practices while leveraging technology, the robust platform is well-thought-through and delivers an unparalleled level of involvement with incredible ease of use.

Is your community website failing to keep members engaged, updated, and involved? Is managing, maintaining, and updating your website a challenge? A one-size-fits-all solution, in particular, compromises on the fundamental aspects that a community platform should take into consideration – resulting in a lack of user-centric collaboration, end to end experiences, customized messaging ability, clear service provider visibility, and more. Most of these websites fail to allow multiple, geographically distributed administrators to manage them – losing out on the opportunity to feed relevant, topical, and engaging location-based information to segmented audiences.

The result: increased frustration among members that seek information and lower engagement across the board. Additionally, there exists the challenge of bringing in a sense of community without depending on phone calls, multiple emails, and separate messages or without multiple user-specific subsites.



Start using BYOND now!

  • ​Quickly deployable and customizable – a closed self-service portal for your local community members that seek information from trusted sources

  • Multilingual support to serve communities globally

  • Immediate and relevant information on the go, backed with GPS mapping for locations

  • Rich content – text, group chats, video, and polls for surveys and feedback

  • The ease of onboarding and empowering multiple local service providers specifically for local end-consumers

  • Secure local administrator control – enabling restrictions, ensuring verified and genuine information

  • Available on mobile – an app that keeps users updated at all times with notifications and alerts

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You’ll likely have questions about the details – the implementation, the backend, and on-boarding service providers. Let’s talk!

Thank you for reaching out to us, we will get back to you soon!

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