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Extentia Celebrates International Design Day with Exciting Events and Insights into AI and Design  

Extentia's month-long celebration of 'All Things Design' saw industry insiders share their insights with budding design enthusiasts on the true impact of design. 

Pune, India, April 27, 2023
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On April 27, 2023, Extentia organized ‘Design Day at Extentia’, held at the acclaimed XEN LAB. The event brought together design enthusiasts, professionals, and experts to celebrate International Design Day and discuss the intersection of AI and design. The event was a grand success, featuring a Design Talk by Shayani Chakraborty and Thomas Biedermann, and a panel discussion on ‘The Intersection of AI and Human Creativity in Design’ with industry insiders Chaitrali Dhole, Harshit Desai, Chandra Prasad Nallur, and Nitin Virkar.


Shayani Chakraborty, a design thinking coach, shared insightful stories on the importance of design thinking and its applications. Thomas Biedermann (Bee Dee), one of Extentia's SAP AppHaus Network partners, showcased some fascinating work he had done using AI tools in the last six months. 

Another highlight of the event was the panel discussion — a thought-provoking session that broadened the discussion outside the tech domain to cover ethics, morals, philosophy, and humanity. 

In addition to this, Extentia also hosted ‘ExperienceX’, an event for budding design students on April 26, 2023. The event featured a panel discussion by Extentia's design enthusiasts on AI and design, similar to the one on Design Day, and multiple booths showcasing design projects undertaken by Extentia over the years. 

Earlier in the month, on April 17, 2023, Extentia hosted an internal banner design event. The event was open to all Extentians and aimed at designing a flex banner for International Design Day. The creative banner made by the passionate and enthusiastic Extentians was on display for the entire month. 

Overall, the various International Design Day events provided a platform for designers to explore the possibilities and applications of AI in design. Extentia's commitment to fostering a culture of design and innovation was evident in the success of the event. 

The team is excited to host more such events in the future. 

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