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Review of the year past and focus for the future, along with employee recognition

Pune, India, February 02, 2018

Extentia’s annual all-company meet was held on Thursday, February 1, at Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, Pune. The Forum is about reviewing the year past, and the company’s plans moving forward. Videos related to this were played over the evening for the 400-strong audience.

A major part of the evening was about recognizing Extentians for their dedication to the company over the years. The award categories included ‘Rising Stars’, ‘Promising New Extentian’, ‘Adaptive and Agile’, ‘Innovative and Creative’, and ‘Key Contributors’. Other awards were for ‘Hardworking and Dedication’, ‘Honesty and Sincerity’, and ‘Senior Extentians’.

In addition to this, Extentians – junior and senior – spoke about their experiences with passion and some humor. The audience also enjoyed a small segment that featured Extentia’s senior management in a panel discussion, which included some funny accusations, good advice, and tricky questions. The 4-hour session concluded on a high note with a message about the company’s future from Extentia’s CEO, Umeed Kothavala.


About Extentia® Information Technology

A global technology and services firm that helps clients transform and realize their digital strategies. With a unique Experience Centric Transformation approach, Extentia’s ground-breaking solutions are in the space of mobile, cloud, and design. The team is differentiated by an emphasis on excellent design skills that they bring to every project. Focused on enterprise mobility, cloud computing, and user experiences, Extentia strives to accomplish and surpass their customers’ business goals. The company’s inclusive work environment and culture inspire team members to be innovative and creative, and to provide clients with an exceptional partnership experience.

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