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In an era defined by Artificial Intelligence, we hosted an engaging exploration into the impact of AI on our lives, productivity, and mental well-being. Our speakers, Mark Luckey and Arijit Mallick, shared insights, real-life examples, and participated in a live Q&A session.

Key Discussion Points

  • Attitudes Towards AI Transformation: Explored perspectives that companies held about AI transformation. 

  • Starting the AI Familiarization Journey: Discussed where to begin the journey of AI familiarization. 

  • Challenges and Opportunities with AI: Examined the significant challenges humans faced in incorporating AI into a productive life and provided strategies for optimal outcomes. 

  • Mindset for the AI Revolution: Offered insights into the mindset to be adopted when considering the revolutionary changes AI brings to our lives.

About the Speakers

Mark L.png

Mark Luckey (Mental Fitness Coach, TEDx Speaker, Offshore Tech Specialist, 4th Dan Sensei) — An energetic, passionate, and dynamic mentor, Mark has played many roles over a wonderfully diverse career over 2 decades. He seamlessly blends corporate leadership, martial arts mastery, and mental fitness advocacy. Mark’s focus on mental fitness and holistic leadership adds a unique spin to business and self-management. 

Arijit M.png

Arijit Mallick (Extentia’s AI Enthusiast) — An AI enthusiast specializing in technical training, capability development, and learning consulting, Arijit is helping shape the future of AI through structured training, ensuring capacity development and upskilling for employees. With a diverse background spanning over 13 years, he brings a wealth of experience and a passion for AI innovation. 

Key Takeaways

  • AI Evolution: Arijit Mallick and Mark Luckey highlighted the rapid evolution of Generative AI in the last few years, transforming customer interactions, content creation, and data analytics in various formats. 

  • Cultivating AI Culture: Extentia has a three-step strategy: acclimatize, adapt, and accelerate to build an AI culture. The X24 hackathon was a crucial event in a long road of skill building sessions, enhancing AI adoption across the organization. 

  • Challenges and Considerations: A tailored, cross-functional approach is crucial for organizational success in the age of AI. In the absence of immediate regulations, self-regulated and ethical use of Generative AI tools is paramount. 

  • Building Mental Resilience: Set boundaries for screen time and manage interruptions effectively. Resilience and continuous improvement are key. 

  • The Human Edge: The uniqueness of humanity lies in empathy and consideration of societal impact before taking actions.

Key Takeaways

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