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Internet of Things

Exploiting the interconnection of computing devices in everyday objects.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is likely far bigger than anyone realizes and companies that take advantage of this technology are likely to gain ground on their competitors. The real value of this interconnectivity is when the data is gathered and how that data is leveraged. There are literally many thousands of examples of usage in traffic patterns, health care, agriculture, and many, many more.

Domain Expertise

, one of our pioneer products is an IoT based application that tracks and monitors temperature, humidity, and air pressure in pharmaceutical storage units. It has incorporated an electric imp IoT kit for capturing sensors data, is interfaced with SCP to track, analyze, and monitor the parameters. Our team has also successfully integrated Alexa with Salesforce for a service center support application that acts like a personal guide for users’ vehicle repairing needs, informs them about parts that need adjustment or are damaged, provides information encompassing accessible merchants nearby, and other elements after looking up the type of vehicle. It also equips them with information about pending items, work orders, and much more.

In addition to creating several IoT-based applications internally, we have built several cost-effective, end-to-end, centralized cloud-based IoT solutions for organizations across domains. 

Service Offerings

  • Configuring and integrating IoT services for business use cases

  • Developing interactive analysis dashboards from multiple data points

  • Building mobile apps for API integration

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If you possess Internet of Things applications with utility and commercial viability, we can make it happen.

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The Impact of IoT on Businesses

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The convergence of automotive and tech will create a new ecosystem. At the same time, the purchaser calls for cost reduction, flexible capacities, and a few other challenges with respect to hardware and software. However, to overcome these challenges – integration of embedded software, cybersecurity, Big Data, analytics, and the IoT promises great surplus value for manufacturers and customers alike.

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