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9 of the Best Skills from the Alexa App via Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is one of the coolest and most unique gadgets out there today. It may look like a standard cylindrical Bluetooth speaker, but it is a little smarter and more capable than that. It is voice activated and uses far-field technology to boost its range of hearing. You can ask it questions from anywhere in the room, and it will answer. Functions include playing music, providing news updates, providing information, alarms and more. It comes with a companion app, as is the norm these days, and can even be used as the hub for your home automation setup.

With the Alexa smart assistant pre-installed and ready to go, you can even give the Amazon Echo added proficiencies or ‘skills’ as per your needs. These Alexa skills range from the mundane to the magnificent and everything in between, and really tap into all the potential the Amazon Echo device has on offer. You can add these skills to your device to make it more versatile and useful, and according to Fortune, Amazon recently announced that there are 1400 skills already available for the device. So with so many skills on offer, what are the 9 must-haves for Echo? We delved deep into the myriad choices and made our top picks.

Top 9 Skills for Amazon Echo

  • Ordering a Pizza — Isn’t the worst part about ordering pizza making the actual call? Find your phone, find the number, and try to fit everyone’s order in, too much work. With the Domino’s Pizza skill and a profile in the Domino’s website, you can use voice control to order all the pizza you need.

  • Calling a cab — Cab service Uber has gotten in on the Amazon Echo action by offering an Uber Skill. The Echo’s GPS will tell the Uber app where to send the cab, and you can even request for a specific type of Uber – like UberX, for example.

  • Mixing drinks —If you like playing the bartender, but don’t want the clutter of recipe books, Echo can help. With the Bartender skill, all you have to do is ask for a recipe for a mojito or margarita and the Echo will guide you through the ingredients and the steps for making your favourite cocktails.

  • Lose weight — The 7-minute workout skill helps guide you through a quick workout designed to shed those pounds. You can track what workouts you have finished and even resume a workout you left halfway.

  • Track weight loss —Echo not just helps you lose weight, but track it, too. With the Weight Tracker skill, you can store daily or weekly weight updates by just telling the device “ask weight tracker to store xx lbs.” You can even ask the app to prepare a monthly, quarterly or yearly weight report and even set weight targets.

  • Spin a yarn — There is a skill called The Magic Door that makes bedtime stories a cinch. The skill narrates stories, adds sound effects and can even alter the ending of the story based on story settings you choose beforehand.

  • Tell ‘Yo Mama’ jokes — Everybody loves a good Yo Mama joke, it’s simple, direct, and a little bit tongue-in-cheek. With the Yo Mama skill, your Echo turns into a dissing machine, churning out Yo Mama jokes as and when you request them.

  • Track the stock exchange — Away from the fun and games, the Stock Exchange skill helps you keep track of the ups and downs on the market. You can receive a summary of specifically chosen stocks, providing quick updates whenever you need them.

  • Play Jeopardy — If you are a fan of America’s favourite quiz based game show then you will love this skill. You improve your general knowledge and pass the time, all in that timeless quiz format. All you need to do is get Echo to learn the Jeopardy skill.

With all these skills, you can turn your Amazon Echo into a knowledge, helpful and fun device to have around. If you think you have an idea for a great Echo skill, and need help turning it into a reality then Extentia can make it happen. Get in touch and let’s turn your clever idea into the new must-have skill on Amazon Echo.

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