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  • Jim Kinlan, Partner Success Director

Why Dreamforce is ‘the Event’ to be at!

Why Dreamforce is ‘the Event’ to be at!

With our sixth consecutive visit, we have become regulars at attending Dreamforce. The annual software ‘festival’ that attracts close to 170,000 individuals consisting of entrepreneurs, sales professionals, celebrities, employees, and thought leaders – is the largest tech conference in the world.

Dreamforce 2016 – what we learned

The Salesforce event focused on empowering women and its traditional program of philanthropy – giving back to the society.

Of course, I would be remiss not to point out the hundreds of sessions and the huge expo where you could learn everything new and old under the sun with Salesforce. Two major themes that stood out last year:

Why Dreamforce is ‘the Event’ to be at!

Lightning (the completely reimagined Salesforce), coming of age and that it had the basic feature parity with Salesforce Classic. Essentially Salesforce was broadcasting to the world that Lightning ‘is’ the future.

Einstein was everywhere including the dressed up fuzzy character (whom I am gladly posing with!) and the giveaway socks. Einstein is, of course, the artificial intelligence push by Salesforce to make our lives easier with personalized recommendations, intelligent and automated search results.

Dreamforce 2017 – what we expect

I’m sure this year’s event will be massive in size, scope, and informative sessions. As Lightning has made many advances over the past year, I expect that there will be even greater emphasis on the Lightning Experience. We will hear that Einstein is different than any other technology that has been experienced so far. Also, after its first birthday, it will help us better understand the significant advantages of the set of artificial intelligence technologies that underlie the entire Salesforce ecosystem. Einstein is now building on the initial release and will surely offer more functionality in the near future.

Finally, I hope to hear more about Salesforce’s work in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT). We expect that they will continue to demonstrate how to generate value from the trillions of events generated by connected devices.

We at Extentia are ready to exchange ideas and explore possible business opportunities together, this Dreamforce. Get in touch!

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