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  • Tasneem Muchhala, Marketing Manager

Want to Visualize Your Salesforce Data on the Map?

Download our native Salesforce application Map Plotter Premium and plot your success

Map Plotter Premium is a business productivity tool that helps all Salesforce users visualize their Salesforce data on the map by plotting Accounts, Contacts, Leads, and other standard as well as custom objects.

Here are the key features of the application:

  • Plot All Types of Objects

The first and the most important feature is that the app allows you to plot (geocode) all standard and custom objects on the map.

  • Get Reports on Geocoded Data

You’ll be able to see reports on all the data that you intended to geocode. The data that failed the geocoding process would have some blank fields, you can rectify that and the geocoding process will begin automatically.

  • View Data in Clusters

I’m sure you have tons of data that can be mapped – to ensure a clean and clear visual, the app combines a large number of data points into clusters. This gives you something similar to a heat map.

  • Use Drawing Tools for Selection

The app allows you to outline specific, custom areas on the map using the drawing tools, to view plotted points within those areas.

  • Identify Locations Within a Radius

When a member of your Sales team has an appointment scheduled with one contact, it is easy to identify other potential customers within a specific radius of that contact and plan more appointments accordingly. The app will identify all your leads or contacts within that area.

  • Get Directions

View your data in different colors – create filters using colors, so you can distinguish your records based on financial aspects, territory, owner, or any other Salesforce data. Select which color you want to allocate to which object and your data will come alive in color.

  • Save Searches With Field Filters

This feature allows you to save frequently used filters to be able to access it faster the next time.

  • Learn About Your Location

Imagine that your Sales rep is going to visit 3 leads that are in the same area. They would surely want to know the weather and what places are there in the vicinity to grab a bite – Map Plotter Premium shows this data upfront.

To know more about the app, you can watch the video here.

Combining the power of Salesforce with the visual and mapping capability of Google Maps, Map Plotter Premium doesn’t just help you read your data, but also enables you to visualize it! Go ahead and download the 30-day free trial from AppExchange here.

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