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  • Sejal Patil, Marketing Manager

Xventor – Your Event Management Solution

It’s that time of the year! That three-day long annual company event is drawing close and the pressure is building. Invites and sponsors – will it all get done on time? You could always go down the traditional route – drown in notes, get lost keeping track of names of sponsors, booth allocation for exhibitors, physically mark attendance, draw up schedules, double book speakers or create conflicting sessions... – the list goes on.

However, what if technology came to the rescue with a single solution? Extentia’s team has answered this question with Xventor, an event management solution powered by the SAP Cloud Platform. Leveraging our experience on the SAP Cloud Platform, we’ve built this state-of-the-art event management solution that easily integrates with other SAP cloud services – proving especially beneficial for enterprises using SAP.

Xventor, however, is available for non-SAP businesses as well, as a SaaS solution.

For the delegates, Xventor has native mobile apps as well as a responsive web interface for those who would rather login through their mobile browsers. Suitable for events both big and small, we know – no one size fits all. So, pick and choose features that best suit your organization and your event.

It all begins with creating an event. As a Super Admin, you can assign specific events to Admins or run the event yourself. Send invites with one click and track the registrations - as responses are stored within Xventor and not in your inbox! Did attendees change their mind? No problem! Simply deregister them.

No event is complete without exhibitors and sponsor partners. Provide exhibitors with a seamless experience so they can easily manage their booth, connect with prospects, and track footfall. Sponsor partners can be categorized into tiers and be made to feel special by offering discounts to their invitees or even free passes. Xventor will be THE technical backbone of your event.

Also, treat your speakers right by adding their details to Xventor. Include the sessions they are speaking at, for everyone to see. Create an agenda for the event. Attendees can create a personalized schedule to manage their time by picking and choosing sessions they want to attend.

And the day of your event has finally dawned – attendees are raring to go. They have created a profile on the app that they can edit at any point in time. As they walk in, they scan their Xventor-generated badge and QR code. Of course, they will begin to network and instead of trading those easily lost business cards, attendees can scan each other’s QR codes. This feature can also be used at exhibitor booths, so all prospect details, including LinkedIn profiles, are stored in the ‘Networking’ section for future reference.

Create live polls and allow attendees to message their questions to the moderator during sessions – all this to better capture the audience attention. A whirlwind of sessions ensues, and as it dies down, capture attendee feedback for every session along with the complete event through real-time analytics. Lift only one finger as you regale the senior management with reports generated with a click.

Not every feature is required for each and every event. Say, when you’re hosting a one-day closed-door company event – attendees will prefer access to a mobile responsive website rather than yet another mobile app. And networking or exhibitors won’t be required. Customize Xventor to suit your event and your needs.

Look up for more and get in touch with us for a seamless event experience!

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