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  • Devashish Nayak, Delivery Manager, Engineering

All That We Did at SAP TechEd 2019!

Being at SAP TechEd has always been a source of learning while getting to interact with people from the ecosystem – this year was no less. From the knowledge-heavy keynotes to multiple education sessions and hands-on workshops, it was the event to be at and we already await the next edition. Not to forget, the ultimate fun at the Shankar, Ehsaan, and Loy concert – watching Shankar Mahadevan perform his unique Breathless live, unanimously became the absolute favorite of our team! In this post, we will take you through two days of learning and fun that SAP TechEd is all about.

The keynote sessions were full of technical depth and acted like the connecting dots between experience and operational data. Lectures and hands-on workshops on Extension Factory, Leonardo, Integration Suite, Fiori 2.0, SAC (SAP Analytics Cloud), and predictive analysis were thoroughly insightful and futuristic.

Our team represented SAP and Extentia at the SAP CP SDK for iOS App Space booth, providing users with the first-hand experience of working with the latest SAP development tools. The well-attended space attracted crowd majorly for two reasons – the extremely useful tutorials and the super cool freebies after the successful completion of assignments. Dealing with queries from non-technical people was a unique experience as we got to provide hands-on training for those who wished to try mobile application development or showed interest in expanding their team in that space.

Apart from this, a fruitful discussion with Fiori SDK and Apple developers helped us take a close look at the future of SDK and iOS development. We also got to interact with a bunch of inquisitive end-users while attending to queries around the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS.

As three days full of innovative excellence and comprehensive learning came to an end, back at our SAP Practice, we look forward to translating all the knowledge we have gained, into the solutions we create for our customers in the time to come!

Extentia at SAP TechEd 2019

This post is authored by Devashish Nayak, our Delivery Manager – Engineering, with valuable inputs from our SAP Practice members – Bhavesh Rao, Vijay Sonone, Dipak Chaudhari, Aymen Mohammed, and Ankit Pundhir.

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