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Dreamforce ’21 – In the Cloud or On the Ground!

Dreamforce '21 was an event unlike any other in Salesforce's long and storied history; bringing together the best of virtual and in-person events across the world. While those lucky enough to attend in person will get to experience see the sights and sounds that we've come to love over the years, the majority of Trailblazers attending virtually. We once again welcomed the entirety of the Ohana into our homes for three days of sessions, keynotes and demonstrations centered on Salesforce excellence and innovation.


Since last year, we have consolidated our position at the forefront of the ISV and consulting ecosystems despite the ongoing challenges that the new normal has presented to both ourselves as well as our contemporaries. Using the lessons learned from these challenges to reaffirm our commitment to both our partners as well as the communities in which we live, we have been instrumental in creating holistic, all-encompassing solutions that imbibe the essence of what it means to be a Trailblazer.

This year, in the leadup to Dreamforce ‘21, we hosted a special episode of ‘Conversations in the Cloud’. Conversations in the Cloud – The Dreamforce ’21 Edition – saw the brightest, most innovative minds from our pioneering Salesforce Practice come together for a conversation centered on the ISV ecosystem and the pathbreaking initiatives and endeavors that our teams carry out for Salesforce ISV partners across the world.

It was an hour of in-depth interactive discussion covering every facet of the PDO ecosystem. We tackled everything from PDO onboarding, the benefits of having an AppExchange product, to the latest technologies and the meticulous processes that our teams follow while envisioning, building out, listing, and supporting products on the Salesforce AppExchange.


This year’s edition of Dreamforce brought together pioneers, innovators, and trailblazers from all across the world as they attended in person and from their homes. And while the unprecedented, ever-changing nature of the new normal meant that we still didn’t get to see all of our partners, friends, and contemporaries in person, we were happy to welcome them back into our homes as we collectively took in the best that Dreamforce had to offer.


What makes Dreamforce special every single year is the way it effortlessly combines sessions, demonstrations, and keynotes with a palpable sense of camaraderie and revelry. Whether you’re attending in person or virtually, you feel the unmistakable intensity, passion, and tenacity that all Trailblazers bring to the fore across the multifaceted implementations we collectively undertake every single year.

Extentia for our part have always done our utmost to personify everything we know and love about being part of the ‘Ohana’ and have taken tremendous steps to innovate, excel and transcend the expectations of our partners across the world by delivering nothing short of constant excellence.

Some of the highlights from this year included learning more about Salesforce’s plans for their newer innovations such as Vlocity and Tableau as well as key acquisitions such as Slack. Salesforce COO, Bret Taylor emphasized the role of Slack in creating a ‘Digital Headquarters’ in an era where organizations are looking for enhanced remote working solutions to manage and maximize the potential of their teams. Salesforce CEO, Mark Benioff also showed off the brand new additions to what he called ‘Health Cloud 2.0’ and its role in facilitating in-person events going into the last few months of 2021.


Tuesday’s Accelerate End-to-End Financial Services Transformation was by far the most popular session across our practice. The Financial Services Cloud remains a key focus area for our practice and we look forward to continuing to blaze a trail for our partners in the Financial Services domain for many years to come.

The final day’s ‘Tapping into the Gold Mindset’ was nothing short of inspirational and hearing Blake Leeper and Aly Raisman talk about their respective journeys as athletes and the obstacles they’ve overcome to reach the pinnacle of their respective sports is something we can all learn from.

Dreamforce ’21 – In the Cloud or On the Ground!

We’re looking forward to using the wealth of knowledge we gained from all of the sessions and keynotes we attended to enhance our solutions in the spaces and domains in which we operate.

In the true spirit of the Ohana, we’ll be looking to leverage our success to nurture the communities that we come from and to give back to those in need of support. If there’s one thing the last eighteen months have taught us is that companies, organizations, and communities across the globe are better when we come together and that it is only through collaboration, trust, and collective endeavor that we can create a better future for us all.

For now, this Extentia signing off from Dreamforce ‘21. As always, let’s continue to “Do More” and “Be More”.

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