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  • Shikha Dulani, Marketing Manager

Extentia aces SAP’s Low Code No Code Hackathon

As technology continues to drive the wheel of growth, the SAP Low Code No Code Hackathon, intended to help customers and emerging enterprises become future-ready, was a wonderful way to explore SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) capabilities.

On November 7th, 2022, Extentia took part in SAP’s Hackathon mentored by Devashish along with Prashant (captain), Girish, Poornima, Suraj, and Vishwanath.

The Solution: EZFarm - Think Green, Act Green

Hackathon Track: Community

Industry: Sugar, Agribusiness

Line of business: Consumer Business, B2B

User persona: Farmer, Sugar Factory Executive



  • Famers were manually searching for the right sugarcane buyer who would purchase at the desired price. This process was tedious.

  • The process was time-consuming and tiring as it required visits to different sugarcane factories to know their offerings.

Sugar Factory Executive

  • Manually collaborating with farmers for buying purposes.

  • Collecting insights of the activities conducted at the factory was tedious.

  • Maintaining records of the sugar produced, molasses, bagasse, and other by-products generated was complicated.

Solution Team Extentia successfully arrived at and delivered their winning solution using the 5D process of SAP AppHaus:

  • Discover: A farmer looking for the right buyer to sell his products at the right price.

  • Define: Detailed definition of farmer’s problems & identifying stakeholders in the B2B agri domain.

  • Design: Designed a product for collaboration & management of resources with helped in gaining daily end-to-end insights.

  • Develop: Developed a solution using SAP BTP and AppGyver Composer.

  • Deliver: Delivered an App on Android, accessible to all.

Technology used:

  • SAP AppGyver

  • SAP CAI + WhatsApp

  • SAP AI Business Service

  • SAP Process Automation


  • SAP HANA Cloud


  • Easy collaboration between sugarcane farmers and sugarcane factories to sell and buy the harvested sugarcane.

  • Facilitated collection, managing, and processing of sugarcane to produce sugar and provide it to the various customers.

  • Facilitated the collection, management and distribution of bio-waste generated from sugarcane processing to various waste recycler departments.

  • Easy interaction, allowing farmers to get information and help from the experts about the crop. The farmer will now receive notifications related to pick up, payment, etc.

  • The sugarcane factory executive can get insights on the end-to-end activities conducted daily w.r.t the sugarcane processed, sugar, ethanol, and electricity produced.

Technology Specifications:

  • AppGyver Composer: To build a mobile application.

  • Backend services were created using SAP CAP Model.

  • SAP HANA Cloud was used to store all application data.

  • WhatsApp Chatbot was created using SAP CAI.

  • Request approval/rejection done using Process Automation.

Team Extentia is grateful for the opportunity and thanks all SAP organisers, and judges who offered their guidance and support during the event.

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