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  • Binu Moothedan, VP Salesforce Practice

Is your Salesforce Org Healthy?

Why is a Health Check relevant?

While there are multiple Salesforce Orgs across organizations, each with unique customizations and tweaks, the fundamental purpose of a Salesforce Org remains the same – to keep things running. It’s no exaggeration that a Salesforce Org is both the brain and the heartbeat of the organization, governing every transaction, action, insight, and variable across an organization. That’s precisely why regular health checks are important – to ensure that a Salesforce Org continues to run smoothly.

Take the example of a mid-size organization that has used Salesforce as their technology platform for over ten years. The majority of the company’s key business processes are built into its Salesforce Org which means that it is imperative that everything continues to function properly and efficiently. One fateful day a developer hit the governor limit while enhancing a piece of code. His attempts to fix and bypass this issue led to another issue and that snowballed into a litany of minor, yet erstwhile unseen problems. At this point, the organization realized that something was fundamentally wrong with the way their Salesforce Org was set up and configured and had to perform a thorough investigation and check-up of the Org to determine the root cause.

Fixing the issues may have been possible with minor tweaks and adjustments to the Org but it required the eyes and the expertise of a partner who knew what to look for, and how to bring the Salesforce Org back up to the standards of excellence and reliability that all organizations should hold themselves to. This drives home the point that taking stock of your Salesforce Org’s health with routine, in-depth Org assessments is an absolute must.

Recommended Salesforce Org Health routines include:

Salesforce Org Health Routines

1. Comprehensive Health Check

Quarterly and annual checks must be carried out across every facet of a Salesforce Org to map out all the objects and the relationships of the Org, assess the business workflows and ease of use, and to provide a clear cut, all-encompassing picture of the current state of the Org. The Org-specific health report will provide insights and actionable recommendations on how to optimize and enhance the Salesforce Org.

2. Detoxification

Detoxification includes removing the obvious flaws in the Org – everything from solving performance issues in terms of long load times and timeout errors to cleaning up of superfluous data to preventing record locking to allow users to edit multiple records. Other important aspects of Org detoxification involves deactivating inactive licenses and ensuring that an Org is free from inaccurate, inconsistent, incomplete, duplicate, and outdated data.

3. Revitalization

Once an Org is out of the proverbial woods to a point where it is running adequately, refinements and improvements can then be made to key components within the Org; optimizing it to run smoothly and efficiently. A tangible revitalization plan ensures that enhancements to the platform cause minimum disruption to existing implementations. Transitioning from standard Salesforce to Lightning is also a clear priority for anyone looking to revitalize and supercharge their Org.

4. Immunity Booster

Beyond implementing fixes and enhancements to the Salesforce Org, proactive measures must be taken to ensure that an Org is significantly protected against future health issues. Boosting your immunity is ensured by strictly adhering to Salesforce Org best practices, availing platform upgrades, setting up checkpoints, and implementing regular reviews to detect future issues before they become a problem and spiral out of control.

Bring in the specialists

The most efficient, cost-effective way of ensuring the health of your Salesforce Org is by aligning yourself with a partner with both the expertise and the experience to chalk out a roadmap for the revitalization of your organization's Salesforce platform.

This is precisely what the combined multifaceted teams of fivestar* and Extentia offer. With decades of hands-on experience on varying types of Salesforce Orgs, we are the specialists that can help you take your Org from being just about acceptable to truly exceptional.

Extentia and fivestar* are committed to growing and designing cloud-based, data-driven technology solutions that allow organizations to navigate the complexity of implementing new technology. These solutions include comprehensive, step by step Org health checklists where our teams analyze, assess, and gauge various parameters to provide you with an all-pervasive view of the current state of your Salesforce Org.

This would also include various parameters including but not limited to reviewing security and code vulnerabilities, detailed analysis of the implementation and data usage patterns, maximizing return on per-user licenses, etc. Our teams will make recommendations on which areas are in the direst need of attention and put together an overall plan for a technical debt reduction exercise to ensure that your platform performs to its maximum potential.

Contact us today to get a free Salesforce Org assessment and find out how we can improve the overall health and efficiency of your Salesforce Org. We will leave no stone unturned to ensure that your org is healthy and productive for years to come.

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