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  • Binu Moothedan, VP Salesforce Practice

Leveraging Salesforce’s Financial Services Cloud

Leveraging Salesforce's Financial Service Cloud

The financial services domain is constantly changing and evolving. A single disruption can have a significant impact on businesses. That’s why most organizations require technological solutions that meet day to day business requirements and yet, are constantly evolving and adapting to dynamic market conditions and fluctuations in the financial industry.

Create a personalized experience with your customers

Salesforce, with its diverse selection of cloud-based FinTech technologies, offers a flexible, intuitive, and seamless way to deliver exceptional experiences to your customers and provide personalized, proactive services that meet and exceed specific requirements via its industry-specific Financial Services Cloud.

Salesforce’s Financial Services Cloud (FSC) provides users with an integrated platform that can be modified to suit unique processes, procedures, and organizational idiosyncrasies. By implementing Financial Services Cloud, you can deliver experiences that drive client loyalty, develop and grow customer relationships, allow financial professionals to work more efficiently, and maintain a holistic 360-degree view of every financial account and customer relationship. FSC’s out-of-the-box functionality for relationship management, portfolio rebalancing, asset aggregation, and additional financial data services offers an unparalleled degree of control over the financial services ecosystem.

Collaborate with a proven Salesforce Partner

The most efficient way to harness the full extent of the Financial Services Cloud is to align yourself with a Salesforce partner that has both experience and the expertise with the nuances of building customized solutions on FSC. As a Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner, and Product Development Partner (Specialist Navigator), Extentia has significant experience in a range of FSC out-of-the-box features including financial accounts, asset liabilities, account relationship view, and transactions, as well as in implementing customized wealth management solutions on top of core FSC functionality.

Shed old systems holding your company back

Extentia has helped rework and migrate legacy business processes to new Orgs built on Financial Services Cloud. We’ve worked with customers to redesign customer and wealth-management processes to include a plethora of FSC objects and ensuring as little technical debt as possible. This includes migrating data from existing Orgs to new Orgs, following new data mapping and clearing unused fields, and identifying new data sources to enrich data sets.

Our additional FSC implementations have included modified dashboards to allow users to create client list segmentations focused on high revenue clients as well as to display snapshots of relevant business transactions. Financial Services Cloud implementations can also be enhanced by utilizing Einstein Analytics along with Einstein’s Next-Best-Action feature to provide better insights into data that drives key decision making within financial organizations.

Expanding presence in US Markets!

In partnership with fivestar* in the United States, Extentia will be able to leverage its experience to tap into North American geographies and implement financial solutions built on Salesforce’s robust Financial Services Cloud, and customized for specific businesses and workflows.

Get in touch with us to find out how the multifaceted teams of fivestar* and Extentia can help you seamlessly and cost-effectively navigate the complexity of implementing new FinTech solutions within your organization.

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