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LinkedCar Launches a Salesforce AppExchange Solution

A Customer First Mobility Platform for the Automotive Industry


LinkedCar and Extentia recently worked together to develop and list the Salesforce AppExchange version of LinkedCar’s pathbreaking application, which gives users a 360° view of their automotive data. The Customer First Mobility platform aims to shift the automotive industry to a loyalty driven mindset with a focus on interactivity and customer experience.

With over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry, LinkedCar provides a complete solution that creates an integrated personalized customer journey. LinkedCar takes data from a variety of sources such as a DMS system, a website, connected vehicles, mobile applications, manufacturer information, and social media interactions and places it within one consolidated database. Organizations can use this database to place customer experience at the forefront of their business offerings and empower dealers and drivers alike to communicate with each other directly. The LinkedCar Mobile application essentially acts as a digital passport which ensures that all of this data is owned and controlled by drivers themselves. By leveraging control of their automobile data, users can make strategic and informed decisions pertaining to the purchasing of new vehicles along with insurance policies. For dealers, the LinkedCar application allows them to bring together what would otherwise be fragmented silos of customer data. As a result, they can put together compelling and attractive customer journeys that reinforce both brand loyalty and identity. It also allows dealers to utilize consolidated analytical data from their customers to make further refinements and catalyze additional sales. Harnessing this data even allows for potential monetization opportunities. LinkedCar partnered with Extentia to bring key features of their platform to the Salesforce AppExchange. As a Specialist Navigator PDO, Extentia works with ISVs, such as LinkedCar, to define and deliver solutions for the Salesforce AppExchange, bringing over a decade of experience on the Salesforce platform to the partnership. Extentia’s skilled Salesforce team worked alongside key stakeholders at LinkedCar to define, wireframe, build, and deliver a Salesforce AppExchange app. Every feature of the AppExchange solution built on the LinkedCar platform was designed and implemented by Extentia’s teams. Notable functionalities included prospect onboarding, account creation, and updating, contact creation and importing, GDPR consent capturing, deal and quote creation, and integrations with third-party APIs. Furthermore, adhering to Salesforce best practices ensured that the LinkedCar application passed Salesforce’s strict Security Review guidelines so that the application could be launched on the Salesforce AppExchange earlier this month. Komal Khilnani, Vice President of Business Development at Extentia said, “LinkedCar’s clarity of vision, precise directions and close involvement in product ensured we kept our eyes on the road at all times and reached our first milestone smoothly and successfully. This is only the beginning of the LinkedCar and Extentia partnership, we have miles to go on this exciting journey together.” “Despite the fact that we have 15 years of experience in Salesforce, we were looking for a partner who could think along with us and who especially knows the peculiarities of creating a product on the AppExchange. A partner who could function as a team member, who ensured the necessary speed in product-development and specific Salesforce knowledge. Extentia is one of those exceptions that you can blindly trust,” said Mario Schraepen, Founder, LinkedCar. “They deliver on what has been agreed and think along with the customer. We never had the feeling another product was made in "an-hour-factory", instead we met an enthusiastic team that was really excited and committed from day one. As a result, a successful and innovative AppExchange solution was worked out together, as one team!” Media coverage in TimesTech To know more about Extentia’s Salesforce and AppExchange consulting services write to About Extentia Information Technology Extentia is a global technology and services firm that helps clients transform and realize their digital strategies. With a focus on enterprise mobility, cloud computing, and user experiences, Extentia strives to accomplish and surpass your business goals. Our team is differentiated by an emphasis on excellent design skills that we bring to every project. Extentia’s work environment and culture inspire team members to be innovative and creative, and to provide clients with an exceptional partnership experience. The company’s emphasis is on Technology, Consulting, and Innovation for Mobile, Cloud, and Design.

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