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Live from Dreamforce ’19 – Extentia’s Salesforce Superheroes!

Day 0 – November 18, 2019

DF ’19, here we come!

Dreamforce ‘19 is almost upon us and our one of a kind Salesforce super-team of Naazneen Boocha, Komal Khilnani, and Jim Kinlan are making their final preparations for what is certain to be four days of enthralling insights, experiences, and adventures centered on the innovative excellence of the Salesforce ecosystem. Their bags are packed and brimming with everything they’ll need for Dreamforce – laptops, notebooks, and emergency coffee sachets!

Over the last year, our pioneering practice has been doing its part to drive the success of our partners in four continents by harnessing the full measure of their collective skill sets, know-how, and expertise. What’s more, they’ve endeavored to create a self-sufficient, ever-growing culture of constant learning through our one of a kind internal training and competency initiative – StepUp. StepUp has been instrumental in allowing us to adopt and implement the most cutting edge of Salesforce technologies and releases.

How do you summarize a year’s worth of collective excellence in a mere four days, you might ask? Well, you’ll just have to meet us to find out. Our super-team has more than a few surprises up (not to mention on) their sleeves. We’ll see you soon, San Francisco!

Day 1 November 19, 2019

Meet our super shirts!

The X-Men had spandex, the Avengers have vibranium, and Extentia’s Salesforce super-team has their special shirts.

Every super-team needs a uniform and ours is no different. The greatest creative minds in our Experience Studio have put together shirts that summarize a different aspect of our practice along with some extra special Extentia girl power badges. These will allow them to better harness their already awe-inspiring Salesforce skills! The badges also grant each one of them a unique Salesforce superpower – we can’t talk about those here so you’ll just have to meet them and see for yourself!

When not creating superpowered shirts and badges our Experience Studio plays an integral role in allowing us to create experience-centric Salesforce solutions that holistically address both the aesthetic appeal as well as the functional, intuitive nature of our numerous multifaceted endeavors.

If you happen to spot a flash of vibrant color at Dreamforce, you’ll know it’s none other than one of either Naazneen, Jim or Komal. Feel free to go say hello and they’d be happy to tell you more about their spectacular Salesforce super shirts and badges!

Too excited to sleep!

It’s the first day of Dreamforce ‘19 and our Salesforce super-team is geared up, caffeinated and rearing to go.

This promises to be a week of scintillating innovation, celebration, and conversation pertaining to every conceivable facet of the Salesforce ecosystem. In the days preceding Dreamforce Komal, Naazneen, and Jim Kinlan have been as busy as bees – meeting with partners and friends across San Francisco; engaging in delightful and insightful discussions about the best path forward. Today, they begin their quest to show the rest of the Ohana precisely what makes our one of a kind, pioneering Salesforce practice tick and demonstrate the sheer skill, ingenuity, passion, and creativity that every single member possesses. Let us know if you’re at Dreamforce and want to meet up over a quick bite to eat or a coffee, we’d love to see you there!

Catching up on the AppExchange keynote!

Here's a quick look at what was a wonderful Salesforce AppExchange Partner Keynote. We are immensely proud to see our name up there as one of a select few Specialist Navigators within the PDO ecosystem.

At Extentia, we don’t rely on haphazard, short term solutions but take it upon ourselves to implement a proprietary multistage approach that allows us to wholly understand every facet of a given requirement and then implement innovative, effective, and holistic Salesforce solutions. And with multiple dedicated teams for each assignment, we’re able to seamlessly improvise and adapt our projects based on your feedback.

What’s more, we go far beyond what an ordinary PDO can do with a specific focus on harnessing and catalyzing your leads, optimizing your listing and related analytics, and utilizing various platforms to tell your product’s unique story. All in a day’s work when you consistently strive to Do More and Be More!

If you thought Dreamforce ‘19 would start slow and ease people into things you’d be dead wrong. Day one has started with a bang, bringing with it all the excitement and intensity that you’d expect from the year’s greatest celebration of Salesforce excellence. Extentia’s Salesforce super-team hardly had a minute to catch their breaths. After attending the stellar opening keynote, we attended a combination of sessions, demonstrations, and presentations.

While doing so, we ran into more old friends, new partners, and familiar faces than we could count and have been humbled by all the kind words pertaining to the tenacious and innovative endeavors of our pioneering Salesforce Practice. Our Salesforce super shirts and girl power badges have been the talk of the town and we’ve particularly enjoyed explaining the significance of each.

No one’s asked us to fly yet though, so, please come say hello and do so! Alternatively, drop a message here and do let us know if you want to set up a meeting at any point over the next three or four days.

Day 2 – November 20, 2019

Off to a flying start!

A number of the sessions we attended today focused on enabling and empowering Salesforce partners the world over, to not merely think of the Salesforce ecosystem is a conduit of organizational excellence but to look at it as a catalyst of systemic change across the globe.

While the Partner Keynote on “Building a Different Kind of Partnership” caught Naazneen’s eye, the rest of our Salesforce super-team jumped at the opportunity to attend “How Harnessing Innovation Fuels Thriving Communities Using Human-Centered Design to Achieve Rapid Innovation”. Our Salesforce Practice prides itself on creating solutions that are not only dynamic state of the art and intuitive but also enable the communities in which all of us exist to thrive as they evolve in tandem with our innovative endeavors. We’d love to talk to you about how we believe we’re driving this initiative forward through our multifaceted Salesforce undertakings. Let us know if you’re here too and wish to meet up over a quick bite to eat or even a cup of coffee!

Day 3 – November 21, 2019

Presenting at the LWC Demo Jam!

Our Salesforce super team is up bright and early in anticipation of what promises to be one of the most important days of Dreamforce for our pioneering Salesforce Practice! Komal and Larry Hill will be presenting at the prestigious Salesforce LWC Demo Jam, showcasing a revolutionary Express Console that utilizes Lightning Web Components to transform ordinary Salesforce experiences.

The Demo Jam will start at 11:00 AM sharp so make sure you grab a seat nice and early. It is an absolute honor for us to have the opportunity to showcase a project that is but a microcosm of the constant excellence that every single member of our practice strives to transcend. We can hardly wait - see you in just a little while, Salesforce Ohana!

A lightning win at Dreamforce ’19!

It is with an immense amount of pride that we announce that Extentia’s pioneering Salesforce Practice and our partner, Silver Fox Solutions, have won the Salesforce Lightning Web Components Demo Jam. We’re over the moon! We’ve shown the Ohana precisely how to Do More and Be More by harnessing the awesome, seemingly limitless potential of LWC to create an Express Console that, as today has demonstrated, is truly in a class of its own.

We’d like to thank Larry Hill for his unparalleled vision, along with every single individual within our practice who dedicated their days and sometimes even their nights to bringing this revolutionary endeavour to fruition. This day belongs to the astounding collective of innovative brilliance that is the Extentia Salesforce Practice and our numerous partners across the world! We look forward to celebrating it with every single one of you in the months to come.

Day 4 – November 22, 2019

They say that lightning never strikes twice. Of course, whoever said that probably never imagined the way one word and one event could set so many hearts, minds, and spirits alight at Dreamforce. Along with other key domains, Salesforce Lightning and Lightning Web Components represent both the glorious present and the promising future of the cloud ecosystem as a whole. Extentia’s Salesforce superheroes are looking at using Dreamforce to share the unique and enthralling stories behind our Salesforce Practice’s nuanced endeavors pertaining to Lightning Web Components. We’ve doubled down on our focus on the same over the past year, undertaking projects that include the now award-winning Express Console, a business forecast management toolkit and a seamless event platform integration. Overall, it’s been a scintillating day of sessions, demonstrations, and interactions with the very best and brightest of the Salesforce Ohana. We’d love to leverage Lightning Web Components to transcend ordinary, run-of-the-mill Salesforce implementations.

It’s the last day of Dreamforce '19 and as with any last call we’re trying to soak up as much as we can before we have to go home. It’s been a week that has absolutely flown by and we can’t wait to attend the final series of technical sessions, demonstrations, and keynotes, including one with a very famous dragon queen! One of our goals for the final day is to show the rest of the Ohana, the pathbreaking Salesforce initiatives that our practice has undertaken. Whether it be creating great user experiences on mobile devices while leveraging the full extent of our in-house Experience Studio, utilizing Lightning Web Components to augment the already stellar capabilities of existing Salesforce interfaces to even how we’ve managed to form strong reciprocal professional relationships with organizations and partners across the globe; everything we do, embodies the spirit of persistent excellence that all of us live by. The sky is well and truly the limit when it comes to the length and breadth of Extentia’s offerings within the Salesforce ecosystem.

That brings our coverage of Dreamforce 19’ to an emphatic end. It’s been a week of innovative excellence and comprehensive learning centered on the entirety of the Salesforce ecosystem. It’s also where we’ve been able to establish and strengthen connections with a vast unique collection of individuals and organizations that only Dreamforce can assemble. We’ll be sharing some key takeaways from Dreamforce in the weeks to come but it’s goodbye for now from all of our Salesforce superheroes. We return home with our minds buzzing and our hearts set alight by all we’ve seen and witnessed. Catching up with old friends is great but we’ve also managed to form new connections with Salesforce partners across the Ohana and can’t wait to see how these connections impact our endeavors in the months and years to come. We’ll see all of you very soon!

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