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Salesforce Trends That Will Revolutionize Businesses in 2022

As we venture into 2022, it has become essential to implement tools and technologies suitable to the industry we function in. Over two years of uncertainty from a global pandemic has made companies worldwide recognize the importance of digitization. Companies that have transitioned to the digital landscape smoothly are agile and secured against disruptions. At the same time, agility can lead to poor customer experiences and cluttered business processes when not anchored in a robust digital foundation. That is where Salesforce comes into the picture.

Salesforce Trends That Will Revolutionize Businesses in 2022

In the modern hybrid-work paradigm, Salesforce integrates the modalities of multiple departments- marketing, services, sales, customer management and accelerates harmonious coordination between different business lines. It keeps updating its functionality and adds new tools to synchronize with the latest trends and technologies prevalent in the market. The result is a digital workplace that boosts speed, efficiency, and as little workflow drag as possible.

Below are some of the Salesforce trends to keep an eye on in 2022.

Customer 360

Salesforce's Customer 360 spans across and is a consolidation of the breadth of Salesforce software solutions. It is engineered to help businesses connect with their customers by offering a unified internal operation. It enables collaboration amongst all teams by unifying analytics, sales, marketing, service, commerce, and IT under a single CRM platform.

Customer 360 builds a universal customer ID and profile across all Salesforce and exterior applications. All teams can access this profile to deliver a consistent customer experience. Furthermore, businesses can automate repetitive tasks with Einstein AI, monitor data in real-time with Tableau, secure the data with Mulesoft, and this is just the tip of the iceberg of what Customer 360 can do for businesses.

Moreover, Salesforce has created a portfolio of add-ons further to boost the potential and functions of Customer 360. The Salesforce Customer 360 Truth add-on, as Salesforce calls it, consists of four main components: Identity, Data Manager, Audiences, and Privacy center.

Commerce Cloud

Salesforce has created Commerce Cloud for businesses to stand out in a competitive eCommerce market by optimizing business processes and providing a superior customer experience. It offers many valuable and robust features for managing eCommerce businesses successfully, a part of Salesforce Digital 360; it is an integrated platform allowing companies to sell or engage with their audience across digital channels they use.

Some of the prime features of Salesforce Commerce Cloud are:

  • Innovating payments – It supports businesses to simplify their payment processes, secure the checkout experience, and make it faster with clicks, code, or headless APIs

  • Seamless Upgrades – Salesforce continuously upgrades the features in the background with minimal or no technical intervention

  • Scalability - The platform can sustain traffic spikes without planning. If there is a sudden spike in demand, the platform scales silently in the background with no intervention

  • A suite of cloud services – Infused with a range of related CRM and marketing SaaS services that can integrate into other business needs and solutions

Commerce Cloud offers two commerce products – B2C and B2B, designed for consumer brands and retailers. B2C Commerce is useful for managing eCommerce websites with many guest shoppers and enhancing the shopping experience. At the same time, Salesforce B2B Commerce focuses on satisfying B2B buyers' needs with large purchases and offering premium experiences.

Health Cloud 2.0

There is no escaping the pandemic impact, be it in the larger macroeconomic picture or the inner dynamics of a company. Salesforce looked at the evolving needs of healthcare centers and patients since the COVID-19 eruption and made modifications to the Health Cloud to create Salesforce Health Cloud 2.0. It is a technophile digital solution for companies to manage vaccinations, contact tracing, health assessments and help medical organizations deliver a better healthcare experience. Health Cloud is a part of Salesforce Industries Health, which is a culmination of solutions for all players in the healthcare and life sciences industry.

The recent event "The Dreamforce 2021" by Salesforce leveraged Health Cloud 2.0 for employing Dreampass to keep all involved safe and secure by enabling COVID-19 security logs for each participant. It allows healthcare institutions to provide value-driven care from any location and provide patients with personalized and hybrid healthcare services.

Tableau CRM

Data drives the future strategy for any business, and with Tableau CRM, formulating successful business strategies and spotting hidden opportunities is an easy task. Tableau, formerly known as Einstein Analytics, provides actionable insights, and its AI-based analytics chalks out the best course of action to adopt in any business matrix.

It helps business strategists eliminate noise from an overflow of data, help catch trends that would otherwise remain undetected, and provide a simplified and executable action framework. Tableau is the most comprehensive and in-depth analytics platform with the flexibility to grow as the data strategy evolves. Einstein, Salesforce's industry-leading AI, is built to make it easy to inject data into the business culture, find insights, and achieve enhanced outcomes. It aids data scientists, analysts, and users build dependable predictive models in a no-code environment.


Slack was acquired in July last year by Salesforce, and it has helped millions of companies across the globe automate customer servicing processes and catalyze the pace at which customer grievances are resolved. Slack's capabilities are exciting with Slack Connect, which helps firms connect securely with third-party vendors, distributors, suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders, ensuring that your business growth trajectory keeps ticking upwards.

Slack brings advanced table case swarming capabilities that automate customer grievance redressal by connecting a customer to a sole owner. The owner has access to a simplified and accessible dashboard that provides them with all the expertise required to resolve the thorny issue at hand. In a larger picture, a company's time, effort, and energy relating to customer complaints reduce drastically.

As part of Salesforce, Slack is positioned to accelerate and extend its mission to make work-life simpler, more pleasant, and more productive and companies around the world continue to pay attention to this trend to see what's coming next!


With Salesforce+, the SaaS firm has taken another resolute step in creating an effective and productive work paradigm for a new generation that will more likely be stepping into the digital replica of the office rather than the pre-COVID office.

Salesforce+ is a streaming service that features visual content for all roles spanning different industries and business segments. It includes live experiences, podcasts, series, and other content. One of its programs, "Leading Through Change," has been remarkably successful with over 700 million views, which features industry titans and business leaders on their business journey through the pandemic. Another series, "The Inflection Point," has CEOs from companies like Coca-Cola, PayPal, Honeywell, and Workday sharing their life arches, triumphs, and trials that have commemorated their lives.

One of the most prominent amongst them is Salesforce's annual event, Dreamforce, which was streamed through Salesforce+ in 2021, allowing enthusiasts from all over the world to attend from the comfort of their homes. Dreamforce is an initiative geared to bring together the Salesforce family for learning, fun, building community, and philanthropy. The attendees can discover new products, emerging technology, attend sessions, workshops, and keynotes, and find inspiration by listening to experts. At Dreamforce, Trailblazers worldwide gather to share their stories and successes and learn from each other. It includes four broadcast channels that deliver inspiring and thoughtful content - Primetime channel, Trailblazer Channel, Customer 360 Channel, and Industries channel.

Since its inception, Salesforce has been going from strength to strength as it seamlessly aligns itself with the modern work environment. Customers demand quick and hassle-free service, and Salesforce's suite of digitized solutions provides the most adaptable, flexible, and simplified framework for complex business problems.

Extentia has over a decade of experience across various clouds, including Sales, Service, Marketing, and Experience Cloud, with a strong focus on Health Cloud, Salesforce Industries Health, and Financial Services Cloud implementations. As Salesforce certified PDO Experts, Extentia has proven expertise in Salesforce's security review processes and works with ISVs across the globe to define, wireframe, develop, package, and list products on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Extentia's team strives to deliver value to customers consistently with experience-centric transformation, design-led solutions, and Customer 360 implementations, with a particularly impressive track record in building Salesforce solutions with Lightning Web Components (LWC), Tableau CRM, Heroku, and third-party integrations.

To learn more about Extentia's Salesforce Practice, write to us at

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