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  • Shikha Dulani, Marketing Manager

SAP Sapphire 2022: A Significant Event in the SAP Universe

Business dynamics keep changing at a blistering pace. Naturally, it is incumbent on modern firms that believe in keeping pace with the evolving protocols to deliver the best viable solutions to their customers while ensuring an optimized value chain, which is highly productive and cost-effective.

SAP Sapphire

SAP Sapphire 2022, a global signature event, was one such conference that helped companies extract the technical knowledge and the practical details of making the most from SAP's extensive portfolio of products and technology. The who’s who of the business world lined up either in person or virtually to register their presence in this grand fest of ideas, visions, and possibilities. It was held from May 10-12 in the USA and followed worldwide in eight other locations throughout the year. For those who could not be there in person, SAP offers virtual subscriptions that let you revisit all the sessions to leverage the insightful experience people had at SAP Sapphire 2022. 

This year's event witnessed several new product innovations to help SAP's clients remove bottlenecks and make their businesses smart, intelligent, and agile. The event also announced new cloud and product innovations for enterprises to ace the volatile dynamics of the world. These innovations will help companies accelerate their sustainability actions, transform businesses in the cloud, rapidly accept low-code app development and AI, and enhance business outcomes with intelligent support.

Here are a few chapters from the SAP Sapphire 2022 conference that we at Extentia think would make a stark difference in business transformation, 

1. A firm, bold step towards sustainability

SAP Product Footprint Management solution empowers clients to dramatically cut down on their carbon footprints, allowing them to monitor their total carbon output in real-time. Other seamless product innovation like the SAP Business Network lets the company's managerial leadership create a product's "genealogy," which tracks CO2 levels across the product's lifecycle.  Consider, for instance, EverLoop by SAP solutions – it lets firms take on the problem of e-waste, an intractable problem that has been doggedly troubling regulators and governments globally. The product, available as a beta version, creates a single platform where manufacturers, retailers, and other partners in the value chain can connect and safely responsibly dispose of their e-waste.

2. SAP's cloud capabilities – catalyzing customer service

The latest version of SAP Service Cloud puts superlative servicing power right into the hands of the customer executive by delivering a re-imagined console that gives critical insights into the customer's behavior and consumption patterns. These insights, coupled with a premium case management workflow, mean that the most appropriate expertise will be dispensed, expediting the problem resolution time.  Moreover, thorny and critical issues can now be resolved by employees working remotely under native integration on Microsoft Teams. 

3. Leverage AI, process automation, and no-code/low-code development

Innovative speed, scalability, and availability can now be achieved without the backstop of highly technical expertise thanks to the SAP AppGyver tool, which lets enterprises develop low-code or no-code applications to meet their evolving needs. SAP AppGyver is now available in the SAP Service Cloud solutions so that all clients can freely utilize user interfaces to leverage the power of cloud solutions. If your enterprise opts to go the no-code way, then the SAP Process Automation solution will be just the right fit for your firm. It empowers firms to get on top of their business processes, boost agility and dramatically reduce workflow bottlenecks. Additionally, with the pilot program of the One Process Acceleration Layer package, clients will have access to a library of evolved business process accelerators, benchmarks, and thought leadership expertise sourced from across the world.

4. Erecting a stellar framework for workforce transformation 

SAP has been strident on three fronts in its larger goal to engender more profound workforce transformation that culminates in a technological zeitgeist. Towards achieving its end, the company has been deploying free access to learning resources from SAP to students globally, promoting low-code & no-code offerings to citizen developers, and is running an expanded and revised skill validation program. Moreover, the event also beautifully covered the topic of innovative supply chains and a digitally intelligent business. The SAP's products have penetrated deeper and deeper into the warehouse and factory ecosystem, enabling an intelligent, responsive, and seamless supply chain. The SAP warehouse operator app and SAP Extended Warehouse Management assist workers with state-of-the-art device intelligence such as location awareness and computer vision. Simultaneously, SAP's Warehouse Robotics lets enterprises integrate heterogeneous fleets of warehouse robots in hours or days and not weeks or months. 

We feel the future of business is resilient, sharp, intuitive, and acutely responsive. In a day and age where disruptions are far too frequent for one's liking, SAP's product portfolio can unshackle your business from conventional and protracted work processes unleashing new energy and vigor in the enterprise's supply and value chains while improving your top and bottom-line performance.

Advantage Extentia

Being associated with SAP for over a decade gives our growing SAP Practice an edge over others and equips us to help companies make the most out of the exhaustive offerings under the BTP umbrella. The right mix of developers, BAs, designers, and a practice head – our team brings to the table years of domain experience, having crafted solutions employing the full range of SAP technology product suites. As SAP partners, we at Extentia boast a comprehensive and enterprise-ready technology portfolio and are equipped to address the challenges enterprises face in today's business environment.

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