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  • Sejal Patil, Marketing Manager

The Amazing PDO Race To Dreamforce 2019

Months ago we started a sprint that had one finish line – Dreamforce ’19. A conference synonymous with conversations, concerts, and the cloud, Dreamforce needs little introduction. With multiple PDO projects in the pipeline and 3 months to go, our aim was to get our ISV partners listed on the AppExchange well in time for Dreamforce.

As Specialist Navigators in the Salesforce ecosystem, we pride ourselves on having the expertise and tools to help our ISV customers sail through the security review and land on the AppExchange. Our journey is more of a tag team than a lone race with multiple people from our Salesforce Practice coming in to work their magic at every stage. Here’s how we do it!

1. Empathize, Engage, and Onboard

Once our ISV partners are part of the partner community and have been onboarded, we ‘empathize’ and ‘engage’ with them. We start the race slowly; capturing the nuances of ‘why’ and ‘what’ along with the ‘how’ and utilize a product thinking mindset to help map their requirements with Salesforce’s clouds and technologies.

2. Experience, Execute, and Review

Picking up the pace, we then move to a solution approach as we develop and test the app along with running user acceptance tests. We also conduct a security review readiness-check to ensure adherence to guidelines and best practices. Extentia’s one-of-a-kind Experience Studio is well versed with Salesforce’s UI guidelines and follows the 5D design process to step in and deliver appealing interfaces leveraging the Lightning Design System.

3. AppExchange Listing

A short slow down to catch our breath, as we ready for the final sprint to the finish line. The app is now in security review which allows us to set up the Partner Business Org. This is where we also work on sprucing up the AppExchange listing to include relevant SEO friendly content and employ visual storytelling with appealing screenshots as well as ensuring multiple touchpoints via Test Drive, Watch A Demo, and Get It Now.

4. It’s Live!

When our ISV partners have passed security review and their app is on the AppExchange, we change gears to handle the terrain that looms ahead as well as to understand our ISV customer’s audience. We help ISVs track and manage leads – setting up funnels and campaigns for each lead to efficiently track, monitor, and respond to prospective users.

5. The Extra Mile

The app is up on AppExchange but we’re committed to the success of our ISV partners, so we go the extra mile. Customer engagement is garnered through targeted marketing campaigns, social media campaigns, and responses to reviews. The Partner Intelligence (Marketplace and App analytics) helps track app adoption, usage data and trends, and plan future roadmaps and enhancements for our ISV partners. We’ve already gone back to the drawing board, to define the next sprint.

That’s Extentia’s amazing PDO race in a nutshell for you. With several projects running in parallel, we made a quick dash to meet the pre-conference submission deadline, managed to get 5 new ISVs across the line, through security review with flying colours, and out with a shiny new AppExchange listing well in time for Dreamforce ’19. Needless to say, we’re extremely proud of Extentia’s Salesforce Practice and remain committed to ISV success on the Salesforce AppExchange!

Do you have an aggressive deadline you’d like to meet? We’re ready to sprint to the finish line. Write to us at so we can race there with you.

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