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  • Andrea Pék, CONNECT Intern

Life of a CONNECT Intern

Hi, my name is Andrea Pék, and I’m from Hungary. I just wanted to share my experience as a CONNECT intern at Extentia in India. Here’s my story:

After being selected for the internship in the Marketing team, I went through the CONNECT booklet and got a lot of information about Extentia. This was my first visit outside Europe and naturally, I was anxious. However, at the same time, I had high hopes and I must mention that I don’t regret my decision of choosing Extentia for my internship. Food, culture, climate, clothing, language, traffic – everything is different, but people are the same! Starting with an extremely warm welcome, I took to a completely new environment like a duck to water – and the experience turned out to be even better than I expected.

My wonderful journey at Extentia began with my introduction to everyone in the team on my first day. Subsequently, I engaged in discussions about my expectations of the company and what the company expected in return. It followed a meaningful chat with my mentor and other teammates. I learnt the processes and was amazed at the way everyone helped me learn new things. Since I was already working for a student organization, I was a little apprehensive about stepping into the corporate world. However, things worked out in my favor and I reached a comfort level in no time. My team members were open minded and sincere, and their conduct gave me the confidence I needed.

I happened to join at a time when the preparations for Extentia’s annual cultural event (the annual party) were in full swing. The annual party celebrations consisted of competitive events between the six houses of Extentia. I was allotted a house on my very first day and I vividly remember the house members saying, ‘We want you to be a part of our house performance. We want to win and win with you!’. During this period, I never felt any barriers while interacting with people because everyone was receptive and friendly. Regardless of my background and skills, they showed confidence in me and the level of trust they exhibited was extremely touching. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience of dancing to Bollywood songs – thanks to my love for dancing! People around me even translated the songs for me to help me perfect my moves and expressions.

I also got an opportunity to interact with Extentians from different departments and made some good friends. In my short tenure at Extentia, we even managed a short trip to Goa and it was a great experience spending time with my colleagues, outside of office hours. I never felt homesick – thanks to my wonderful colleagues, friends, and other CONNECT interns at the office. I look forward to more such opportunities and wish all the best to Extentia!

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