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  • Sejal Patil, Marketing Manager

Migration Made Easy

Our story begins ten years ago with Curating Memories, a leading portal for budget travelers in London and other major UK cities. Beginning in 2001, they’ve provided exceptional travel experiences for millions of satisfied customers. A natural consequence of this has been organic growth through recommendations. As their customers grew, so did their operations and they moved from server to server over the years. Curating Memories’ latest migration worked well for a while. However, Reggie, the CEO soon realized that their current managed cloud-hosting platform would no longer suffice.

They required a more reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing service, with the flexibility to pay for what they used. Simultaneously, their business kept growing and Curating Memories was in search of a new server to call home. Reggie discovered that Amazon AWS; an on-demand cloud platform would meet their needs. However, the move to this home would not be easy. Reggie knew they were up against some major challenges – the current website was image heavy and developed in HTML. Migrating this smoothly to AWS via Internet Information Services (IIS) –with the same server configuration would not be simple.

Mulling over this problem, Reggie approached his old technology partners, Extentia. At Extentia, Mahesh and Rahul upon hearing Curating Memories’ migration woes, were eager to dive into the problem. Methodical by nature, Mahesh began with a list – 10 websites, 10,000 URLs, and over 200 GB data had to be moved. The Extentia team had their work cut out for them. Armed with this, they began the migration process.

The first attempt yielded a fifty percent result, the second – success! It took 4 hours to copy the data, and 2 hours to hit upon the best method of migration. In 6 hours, the move was complete. As the next step, the leanest time was chosen to go live. This ensured that the site moved seamlessly with minimal downtime. A happy ending all around, Extentia completed an onerous task in a short time while retaining years of SEO data and no revenue loss for Curating Memories.

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